Bcom 1st Year Notes for all subject with chapter wise

Bcom 1st Year Notes for all subjects with chapter wise

Bcom 1st Year Notes: – In this post, you will get all the notes of BCOM 1st year, this post has all the notes for you, share this post with all your friends and all your groups so that every student of BCOM can see this post and comment that You liked reading this post.

Bcom 1st Year all subject notes with chapter wise. Bcom 1st semester notes and Bcom 2nd semester notes chapter-wise. please share this article with your all friends and your all groups. – Thanks.

Bcom 1st Year Notes

Business communication

  1. Business Communication: An Introduction
  2. basic forms of communication
  3. communication model and process
  4. effective communication
  5. Theories of communication and audience analysis
  6. self- development and communication
  7. corporate communication
  8. Miscommunication: Barriers Communication
  9. practices in Business Communication
  10. Non-verbal Communication
  11. Writing skills and drafting
  12. business letters and memo formats
  13. Types of business letters
  14. report writing
  15. oral presentation
  16. effective listening
  17. interviewing skills
  18. modern form of communication

Business Economics

  1. Business Economics: An Introduction (व्यावसायिक अर्थशास्त्र: एक परिचय)
  2. Utility Analysis (उपयोगिता विश्लेषण)
  3. Demand And Law of Demand (माँग एवं माँग का नियम)
  4. Elasticity of Demand (माँग की लोच)
  5. Production Function (उत्पादन फलन)
  6. Laws of Returns or Law of variable Proportions (उत्त्पत्ति के नियम अथवा परिवर्तनशील अनुपातों का नियम)
  7. Iso-quants (समोत्पाद वक्र)
  8. Returns to Scale (पैमाने के प्रतिफल)
  9. Internal and External Economies (आन्तरिक एवं बाह्रा मिताव्ययिताएँ)
  10. Short–run and long-run Cost Curves (अल्पकालीन तथा दीर्घकालीन लागत वक्र)
  11. Market, Market Price & Normal Price (बाजार, बाजार मूल्य एवं सामान्य मूल्य)
  12. Perfect Competition (पूर्ण प्रतियोगिता)
  13. Imperfect Competition (अपूर्ण प्रतियोगिता)
  14. Monopoly (एकाधिकारी)
  15. Oligopoly (अल्पाधिकार)
  16. Marginal Productivity Theory (सीमान्त उत्पादकता सिध्दान्त्त)
  17. Rent (लगान)
  18. Wages (मजदूरी)
  19. Interest (ब्याज)
  20. Profit (लाभ)

Business environment

  1. Business Environment Importance and Classification
  2. Meaning of Globalization Disadvantages Liberalization
  3. Various Concepts Related To National Income Meaning Definition of National Income
  4. Meaning of Fiscal Policy Objective Developing Economy
  5. Effects of inflation
  6. Meaning of Monetary Policy Reserve Bank
  7. Suggestions Ending Meaning Social Injustice
  8. Meaning Of Industrial Sickness Reason
  9. Due Poverty in India Meaning of Poverty
  10. Infection Meaning Savings and Investments
  11. Due to Unemployment In India
  12. Meaning Industrial Policy India Characteristics
  13. Industrial Growth in India
  14. Parallel Economy Meaning of Black Money Government Effects Stop Black Money
  15. Concept Components And Importance
  16. Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments
  17. Major Elements Current Industrial Licensing Policy
  18. Characterization Purpose Privatization
  19. New Export Import Policy of India

Business Statistics

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Business Regulatory Framework

  1. व्यापारिक सन्नियम – एक परिचय (Business Law : An Introduction)
  2. भारतीय अनुबन्ध अधिनियम, 1872 (Indian Contract Act, 1872)
  3. प्रस्ताव एंव स्वीक्रति-स्वहन एंव खंडन (Proposal and acceptance: Communication and Revocation)
  4. अनुबन्ध करने के योग्य पक्षकार (Parties Competent to Contract)
  5. स्वतन्त्र सहमती (Free Consent)
  6. न्यायोचित प्रतिफल तथा उद्देश्य (lawful Consideration and object)
  7. स्पष्ट रूप से व्यर्थ घोषित ठहराव (Agreements Expressly Declared as void)
  8. संयोगिक अनुबन्ध (Contingent Contract)
  9. गर्भित अथवा अर्द्ध अनुबन्ध (Implied or Quasi Contracts)
  10. हानि रक्षा तथा प्रत्याभूति अनुबन्ध (Contracts of indemnity and Guarantee)
  11. निपेक्ष तथा गिरवी के अनुबन्ध (Contracts of bailment and pledge)
  12. एजेंसी अनुबन्ध (contracts of Agency)
  13. वस्तु विक्रय अधिनियम, 1930 (Sales of good Act,1930)
  14. विनियम-साध्य विलेख (Negotiable Instruments)
  15. चैक – एक परिचय (Cheque : An Introduction)
  16. प्रतिज्ञा – पत्र एंव विनिमय- विपत्र (Promissory Notes and bills of Exchange)
  17. धारी एंव यथा विधिधारी (Holder and Holder in Due Course)
  18. चैको का रेखांकन (Crossing of Cheques)
  19. प्रक्रमण एंव अभिहस्तान्कं (Negotiation and Assignment)
  20. उपभोक्ता संरक्षण अधिनियम, 1986 (Consumer Protection Act, 1986)
  21. विदेशी विनिमय प्रबंध अधिनियम, 2000 [Foreign Exchange Management Act, (FEMA)

Financial Accounting

  1. B.com 1st Year Financial Accounting Chapter Wise Notes in Hindi
  2. B.com 1st Year Type of Account Final Account Golden Rule in Hindi
  3. B com 1st Year Financial Accounting Meaning of Ledger And Definition
  4. Bcom 1st Year Suspense Account Errors Trial Balance
  5. B.com 1st Year Final Account Trading Profit and Loss Balance Sheet
  6. B.com 1st Year Financial Accounting Meaning of Adjustments
  7. B.Com 1st Year Capital and Revenue Items Meaning of Capital and Revenue
  8. Meaning of Branch Account and Objectives of Financial Accounting Notes in Hindi
  9. B Com 1st Year Insolvency Account Insolvency Acts in India
  10. Financial Account Meaning and Definitions of Hire Purchase System
Bcom 1st Year Notes for all subject with chapter wise
Bcom 1st Year Notes for all subject with chapter wise

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