BCA 1st Semester Notes

BCA 1st Semester Notes


BCA 1st Semester Notes

BCA 1st Semester Notes: – In this article have BCA 1st Semester Notes for all Subjects with Unit Wise. it is very helpful for all students who are studying BCA courses. and this is important for those who are related to studying business communication. I think it is very helpful for you. please share this article with your all friends and your all groups. thanks. and all notes available subjects of Mathematics – I, Programming Principle and Algorithm, Computer Fundamental and Office Automation, Principle of Management, Business Communication. and have environmental studies this is qualifying subject. it is compulsory for all students. and this subject is very very important.

BCA 1st Semester Notes

Mathematics 1st

  • Unit 1 Determinants
  • Unit 2 Limits and Continuity
  • Unit 3 Differentiation
  • Unit 4 Integration
  • Unit 5 Vector Algebra

Programming Principle and Algorithm

Programming Principle and Algorithm all Notes

Computer Fundamental and Office Automation

  • Unit 1 Introduction to Computers
  • Unit 2 Algorithm and Flowcharts
  • Unit 3 Operating System and Services in O.S
  • Unit 4 Windows Operating Environment
  • Unit 5 Editors and Word Processors
  • Unit 6 Spreadsheets and Database Packages

Principle of Management

Principle of Management All Notes

Business Communication 

Business Communication All Notes

Qualifying Subject

Environmental Studies

  • Unit 1 The Multidisciplinary Nature of Environmental Studies
  • Unit 2 Natural Resources
  • Unit 3 Ecosystems
  • Unit 4 Biodiversity and its Conservation
  • Unit 5 Environmental Pollution
  • Unit 6 Social Issues and the Environment
  • Unit 7 Human Population and the Environment
  • Unit 8 Field Work

BCA 1st Semester Notes



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