Business Communication Notes Download

Business Communication Notes Download

Business Communication Notes Download :- Welcome to We are presented to you Business Communication notes in Hindi language. in this article  you can find all communication way how to prepare your exam and you communication skills . this course is specially for bcom .




The objective of this course is to develop effective business communication skills among the students.

COURSE INPUTS (Unified Syllabus)

UNIT I: – Introducing Business Communication: Basic forms of communicating; Communication models and processes; Effective communication: Theories of communication; Audience analysis.

UNIT II: – Self-Development and Communication: Development of positive personal attitudes; SWOT analysis; Vote’s model of interdependence; Whole communication.

UNIT III: – Corporate Communication: Formal and informal communication networks; Grapevine; Miscommunication (Barriers); Improving communication. Practices «in business communication; Group discussions; Mock interviews; Seminars; Effective listening exercises; Individual and group presentations and Reports writing.

UNIT IV:-  Principles of Effective Communication.

UNIT V: – Writing Skills: Planning business messages; Rewriting and editing; The first draft; Reconstructing the final draft; Business letters and memo formats; Appearance request letters; Good news and bad news letters; Persuasive letters; Sales letters; Collection letters; Office memorandum.

UNIT VI: – Report Writing : Introduction to a proposal, short report and formal report, report Preparation Oral Presentation: Principles of oral presentation, factors affecting presentation, sales presentation, training presentation, conducting surveys, speeches to motivate, effective presentation skills.

UNIT VII: – Non-Verbal Aspects of Communicating.  Body language: Kinesics, Proxemics, Para language. Effective listening: Principles of effective listening; Factors affecting listening exercises; Oral, written, and video sessions. Interviewing Skills: Appearing in interviews; conducting interviews; Writing resume and letter of application. Modern Forms of Communicating: Fax: E-mail; Video conferencing: etc

International Communication: Cultural sensitiveness and cultural context; Writing and presenting in international situations; Inter-cultural factors in interactions; Adapting to global business.


Business Communication Notes Download
Business Communication Notes Download

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1. What is The Business Communication In Hindi
2. Meaning And Definition of Communication In Hindi
3. Objectives Of Business Communication
4. Chapter Wise Notes Basic form of communication
5. Chapter Wise Notes Meaning of Communication Model In Hindi
6. Chapter Wise Notes Effective Communication In Hindi
7. Communication Audience Analysis Study Material in Hindi
8. Self Development And Communication

  1. व्यावसायिक संचार
  2. संचार के आधारभूत प्रकार
  3. संचार के विभिन्न मॉडल प्रकिर्या
  4. प्रभावी संचार
  5. संप्रेक्षण के सिधांत तथा श्रोतागण विश्लेषण
  6. स्व-विकास तथा संचार
  7. निगमीय संप्रेक्षण
  8. भ्रमित संप्रेक्षण : अवरोध एंव सुधार
  9. व्यावसायिक संप्रेक्षण की कार्यविधि
  10. अशब्दिक संप्रेक्षण
  11. लेखन-कुशलता एंव प्रारूपण
  12. व्यव्सैक पत्र एंव मीमो प्रारूप
  13. व्यवसायिक पत्रों के प्रकार
  14. प्रतिवेदन लेखन
  15. मौखिक प्रस्तुतिकरण
  16. प्रभावपूर्ण श्रवण
  17. साक्षात्कार कला
  18. संप्रेक्षण के आधुनिक स्वरूप


  1.   Business Communication: An Introduction
  2. basic forms of communication
  3. communication model and process
  4. effective communication
  5. Theories of communication and audience analysis
  6. self- development and communication
  7. corporate communication
  8. Miscommunication: Barriers Communication
  9. practices in Business Communication
  10. Non-verbal Communication
  11. Writing skills and drafting
  12. business letters and memo formats
  13. Types of business letters
  14. report writing
  15. oral presentation
  16. effective listening
  17. interviewing skills
  18. modern form of communication

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