Bcom 1st Year Interviewing Skills and Meaning of Interview

Bcom 1st Year Interviewing Skills and Meaning of Interview


Bcom 1st Year Interviewing Skills and Meaning of Interview:- This post uploaded by sachin daksh. and in this post we share you bcom notes. its is very easily to learn notes. all this post is very important and helpful for all b.com student whose have bcom. in this post we are covered by all university syllabus. this is very helpful for Bcom, BCA, MCA, BBA, MBA, Mcom.

Bcom 1st Year Interviewing Skills and Meaning of Interview
Bcom 1st Year Interviewing Skills and Meaning of Interview

Interviewing Skills

Q.41. what is meant by an interview? Explain the various types of interviews.


The word ‘interview’ has been derived from French word ‘interview’ which denotes a meeting between two ones to get a view of each other. It an interaction e wean two or more persons
for a specific purpose.
Ronald B. Adler and Jeanne Marquardt Elmhurst define interview as “a two party conversation in which at least one person has a specific, serious purpose.”
It is a face to face conversation in Which one person-the interviewer asks the person being interviewed, specific questions in order to assess his suitability for admission, selection or promotion. It is a planned and systematic method of contact with each other. Main aim of interview is to learn about the capability, views and personality of different candidates, so that most suitable candidate may
be selected. Interview is an. important part of organization’s activities. Interviews are conducted for various reasons, including selection of workers for employment. It offers both the employer and
employee a chance to meet each other, exchange their views and come to some sort of conclusion about ‘hiring’ one another.
According to James M. Black,
“An interview is a conversation, usually between two people, that is confined to a specific subject. The role of the interviewer is to seek information that of the interviewee is to provide it. ”           
According to L. Brown,
“It is a conversation between two people. It is a conversation yet, but directed to a purpose other than personal, social satisfaction. ”   
Thus, it becomes clear that interview is a technique of oral communication through which candidate’s ability, efficiency, interest, , maturity, decision power, capability etc. can be judged easily.


Main characteristics of a general interview can be summarized as follows:

(i) Interview is conducted to fulfill the i.e. interviewer and the candidate are well aware of this objective. (ii) Prior preparation of this event is necessary for both the parties. Pitfall interviews are predetermined.
(iv) In interview, at least presence of two parties is essential, but generally a person appearing for interview has to face more than one interviewer.
(v) Clear exchange of ideas and information shave taken place in the interview.


Interviews are conducted to fulfill various objectives, and according to these objectives, it can be classified as follows:
(1) Employment Interview : Employment interviews are conducted to select new employees. In such an interview, the interviewer attempts to learn about the applicant’s educational qualifications, his past experience, his personal goal, his knowledge and his achievements in similar type bf work. Interviewer also observes the behavior, his interest in the job and communication skill of the candidate. This type of interview aims to select the best employee for the organization.
(2) Orientation Interviews : Orientation interviews are conducted to acquaint the new employee with his job and with the organization. It helps to establish a positive relationship between the
employer and the employee. In such type of interviews, copy of job description, information regarding company policies, benefit programmers and other instructions is given to the employees. New
employee is also introduced with the culture, traditions and values of the organization.
(3) Counseling Interviews : Counseling interviews are conducted to help the employees and to guide them. Such an interview is very helpful in solving problems and building the work relationship between the counselor and the subordinate. It is also very useful for furthering the growth and development of the employee. The problem that is discussed may be job-related or some personal or family problem which may affect the work performance.
(4) Performance Appraisal Interview: This type of interview is conducted to evaluate the performance of an employee. These interviews aim to tell the employee about his performance, to discuss needs for improvement and to motivate the employee to improve his. job performance. These interviews are held by an organization periodically, yearly or half yearly. These interviews have a great impact on the employee’s reaction to the organization.
(5) Grievance Interview: This type of interview gives an opportunity to the employees to express their complaints or grievances before the management. But the main difficulty that comes in the way of such interviews is that when an employee appears before his boss, he cannot express himself fully and clearly due to the higher status of boss. Therefore, both the employer and the employee should try to establish a free environment for communication.
(6) Correctional Interviews: This type of interview is conducted to take corrective or disciplinary action against an employee who has accused of misconduct or disrupted organizational cooperation or seriously failed to fulfill his job requirements. Conducting such interviews are very difficult as the employer
and the employee both are likely to be on the defensive. Therefore, this type of interview should be conducted when both the parties are calm. The employee should also be given opportunity to express his feelings frankly.
(7) Exit Interviews: Exit interviews are conducted to know the reason, why an employee has decided to leave the organization. Through this, the management gets information about the problems
of the workers and they can take remedial measure for its improvement in future. This type of interview can become more useful if the interviewee is told that the matter discussed in the interview will be
kept confidential.
(8) Information Gathering Interviews: This type of interviews are conducted to gather information for further decisions and actions. Survey interview is conducted to collect data from a number
of people and these data are analyzed to determine future action. These interviews aim to make improvements in their product to consumer’s expectations.
Q.42. How should the interviewers plan and conduct the interview?
you are the personnel manager of your organization you have to take the interview of some candidates How will you proceed?

Ans. Although many people think that interviewing is a very simple activity, yet the fact is that it is a very typical task which should be handled skillfully and for this purpose adequate preparation has to be made. It is an important step of selection process through which organization get required and skilled manpower. Before conducting an interview, a company has to make many arrangements. The company has to identify the type of man force it requires and qualities it expects from the people working for a
particular j ob. the process of interview has the following main steps :


Following points should be observed while planning the interview :
1.Screen the application forms and call only suitable candidates.
2. Interview letters should be dispatched in advance. In the latter date; time, and venue should be clearly mentioned.
3. Make proper seating arrangement for the candidates in waiting room.
4. Keep the interview room separate from office business.
5. Prepare proper information about the candidates and give its copies to all the members of the selection committee.
6. Prepare the list of candidate, showing serial number in which candidates will be called.


In conducting the interviews following points should be observed:
(i) Candidate should be given a warm welcome, preferably by chair person.
(ii) Make the candidate feel at comfortable by asking general questions about his name, qualifications and some informal talk.
(iii) After establishing the rapport with the candidate, purpose of the interview should be explained clearly. This kind of orientation reduces the anxiety of the candidate and also avoids misunderstanding.
(iv) Now different questions are asked from the interviewee to assess their suitability for job.
(v) The questions should be framed in such a manner that helps in revealing the hidden qualities of the interviewee.

(vi)With the help of answering the questions, I.Q. level of candidate, his memory, analytical power, and command over language can be assessed.
(vii)Some questions regarding his hobbies, interest, behavior should also be asked to know about the personality of the candidate.
(viii) The interviewer should note down all the information provided to him by the interviewee.


Before ending the interview, the interviewer should check his list of questions carefully so that no question is left out. When all the required information has been collected, the interview should be
closed. Thank to the candidate at the end and wish him best of luck.
Q.43. what-is meant by an interview? Write five questions you would ask to a person applied for the post of Sales Representative. Write the answers of these questions also.


See page 146 for the Meaning of Interview.
The questions expected at the time of interview for the job of the Sales Representative are as follows :
Q.1. What are your academic and professional qualifications?
Sir, I did B. Com. (Hones.) from Delhi University in 2004 and got first division. I also get the diploma in marketing management from the Management Institute of Delhi.
Q.2. Why do you want to work with our company ?
Ans. Sir, like every Youngman, I want to get better opportunities in my life. I feel that if I get an opportunity to work here, it will be a life time opportunity for me. I will get higher remuneration,
more facilities and brighter avenues for promotion.
Q.3. How much salary do you expect?
Sir, I am getting Rs. 15,000 per month. Besides they are providing me bonus equal to one month salary, transportation facility, medical reimbursement, provident fund, etc. So, I expect some extra along with above facilities.
Q.4. what personal characteristics are necessary for success in the field you have chosen?

I am sure, if I get a chance from you, I can prove my worth for your company and you all will like my work.
Thanking you and expecting a favorable reply from you.
Yours Truely,
Rahul Jain
Q.5. Write a application for the post of Accountant.        
The Principal,                                                                                                                                     1207, Nehru Nagar,
N.A.S. College,                                                                                                                                                 Meerut.
Meerut.                                                                                                                                               Date 25 June, 2006
Subject: Application for the post of Accountant.
Kindly refer to your advertisement No. 130/2006 in the ‘Hindustan Times’ dated June 15, 2006 for the post of accountant..l offer my services for this post. My qualifications are as under:


class year Board/university Subject Division%
Intermediate 1996 U.P Board Commerce Ist Div.,62%
B.com 1999 C.C.S University Meerut Commerce Ist Div.,68%
m.com. 2001 C.C.S University, Meerut Commerce Ist Div.,64%


Experience : I have worked at the post of accountant in K. K. Foundry for 5 years.
My age is 27 years. I am a healthy married boy from a high family.
Please give me an opportunity to be interviewed so that I may tell you further about my work that would help you to assess my suitability for the job.
Thanking you and expecting a favorable reply from you.
Yours truely
Ashish Chandra
Encls. : 3 copies of certificates.

Q.6. Write a application for the post of Computer Operator.   
Personnel Manager,                                                                                                                       42, Lajpat Nagar,
Modi Synthetics Ltd.                                                                                                                                       Delhi
A. B. Road, Modinagar.                                                                                                                  Date 10 June, 2006
Subject : Application for the post of Computer Operator.
Kindly, refers to your advertisement No. 236/2006 in the ‘Amar Ujala’ dated 5 June, 2006 for the post of Computer operator. I offer my services for the same. My qualifications are as under:
(i) I passed B.Sc. from Delhi University with 1st division. After that I did M.Sc. Computer Science from M.D. University Rohtak with 1st division marks.
(ii) For the past five years, I have been working as Computer supervisor with Tata Iron and Steel Company.
I hope that considering my academic qualifications and experience, you will give me a chance to serve you.
Thanking you and expecting a favorable reply from you.
Yours Truely
Mohit Bansal

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Bcom 1st Year Interviewing Skills and Meaning of Interview

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