Mcom 1st Year Book Notes Question Paper Download PDF

Mcom 1st Year book Notes


Mcom 1st Year book Notes:-

 In this post you will get all the notes of MCom 1st year, this post has all the notes for you, share this post to all your friends and all your groups so that every student of mcom can see this post and comment that You liked reading this post.

Management Concepts and Organizational Behaviour

Unit 1 Managerial Functions Mcom Notes( in english)
यूनिट 1 – प्रबंधकीय कार्य एमकॉम नोट्स (in hindi)
Unit 2 Organizational Behaviour Mcom Notes (in english)
यूनिट 2 संगठनात्मक व्यवहार एमकॉम नोट्स(in hindi)
Unit 3 Motivation Mcom Notes (in english)
यूनिट 3 मोटिवेशन एमकॉम नोट्स (in hindi)
Unit 4 Group Dynamics and Team Development Mcom Notes
Unit 5 Leadership Mcom Notes

Direct Tax Law and Practice

Unit 1 Income Tax Act 1961 Mcom Notes
Unit 2 Tax Management Mcom Notes
Unit 3 Tax Planning Mcom Notes
Unit 4 Return of Income Mcom Notes
Unit 5 Taxation of International Transactions Mcom Notes

Statistical Analysis

Unit 1 Probability Theory Mcom Notes
Unit 2 Theoretical Frequency Distribution Mcom Notes
Unit 3 Sampling Large Sample Mcom Notes
Unit 4 Analysis of Variance Mcom Notes
Unit 5 Association of attributes Mcom Notes

Financial Management

Unit 1 Introduction Financial Management Mcom Notes
Unit 2 Capital Budgeting Decisions Mcom Notes
Unit 3 Cost of Capital and Financing Decisions Mcom Notes
Unit 4 Working Capital Decisions: Mcom Notes
Unit 5 Dividend Decisions Notes

Indirect Tax GST and Custom Law

Unit 1 Introduction Mcom Notes
Unit 2 Levy and Collection of G.S.T Mcom Notes
Unit 3 Input Tax Credit & value of Supply Mcom Notes
Unit 4 Registrations & Assessment Procedures Registration Mcom Notes
Unit 5 Custom Low Mcom Notes

Mcom 1st Year book Notes

Corporate Financial Accounting

Unit 1 Corporate Restructuring Mcom Notes
Unit 2 Consolidation of Accounts Mcom Notes
Unit 3 Valuation of Intangible Assets Mcom Notes
Unit 4 Corporate Financial Reporting Mcom Notes
Unit 5 Inflation Accounting Mcom Notes

Corporate Laws and Governance

Unit 1 The Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016 Mcom Notes
Unit 2 The Competition Act, 2002 Mcom Notes
Unit 3 The Companies Act, 2013 Mcom Notes
Unit 4 Corporate Governance 1st Mcom Notes
Unit 5 Corporate Governance 2nd Mcom Notes


Mcom 1st Year book Notes
Mcom 1st Year book Notes


Mcom 1st Year Notes

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