BCA 2nd Semester Notes


BCA 2nd Semester Notes

BCA 2nd Semester Notes: – In this article have BCA 2nd Semester Notes for all Subjects with Unit Wise. it is very helpful for all students who are studying BCA courses. and this is important for those who are related to studying. I think it is very helpful for you. please share this article with your all friends and your all groups. thanks. and all notes available subjects of Mathematics – II,  C Programming, Organization Behavior, Digital Electronics and Computer Organisation, Financial Accounting and Management. it is compulsory for all students. and this subject is very very important.

Mathematics – II

  • Unit 1 Sets
  • Unit 2 Relations and Functions
  • Unit 3 Partial Order Relations and Lattices
  • Unit 4 Functions of Several Variables
  • Unit 5 3d Coordinate Geometry
  • Unit 6 Multiple Integration

C Programming

Organization Behavior

Digital Electronics and Computer Organisation

Financial Accounting and Management

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