Bcom 1st Year Self-Development and Communication

Bcom 1st Year Self-Development and Communication


Bcom 1st Year Self-Development and Communication:- This post uploaded by sachin daksh. and in this post we share you bcom notes. its is very easily to learn notes. all this post is very important and helpful for all b.com student whose have bcom. in this post we are covered by all university syllabus. this is very helpful for Bcom, BCA, MCA, BBA, MBA, Mcom.

Bcom 1st Year Self-Development and Communication

Self-Development and Communication

Q.12. what do you mean by Self-development? Explain its objectives. How are the self-development and communication inter-dependent?
explain the concept of self-development. How does self-development contribute towards effective com
what is the relation between self-development and communication? Is it possible to be self-developed
through communication?
how communication proves helpful in self-development? Elucidate.

Ans. Meaning of Self-development: The self-development’s subjective and relative term. t has different meaning for different people. Here are four dims ions of human beings-physical, intellectual emotional and spiritual. Hue word self-development, term self means totality of the qualities of person like physical, intellectual qualities. He term development refers tubal, emotional and sip to increase or maintain. Thus, self-deponent is the harmonious development of physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual qualities in a person. Self-development has very close relation with communication these are related to each other as cause effect of a system. Process.


The main objectives of self-development are as follows:
(1) Development of personality: Personality of a person reflects his nature and behavior. The main object of self-development is to develop oneself as complete and harmonious being with balanced and justice care to all dimensions of human personality.
(2) Development of good habits: Self-development cultivate good abets that are helpful in saving of time, money, energy and emotion.
(3) Development of positive attitude: The main object of self-deployment to develop positive and optimistic attitude in-a person. It keeps the person away from negative thoughts and feelings and develops his positive outlook. A person having positive attitude is usually cheerful and optimistic in life.
(4) Development of self-respect: Self development helps to the feeling of self-respect in a person. Self development motivates a person to evaluate himself on the basis of his inherent qualities. It develops oneself not as employee offering services with servitude but as dynamic and enterprising leader with clear version.
(5) Development of cultural harmony: Self-development cultivates profound human values based upon eternal wisdom of different cultures, creeds and communities. This type of view proves
helpful the cultural harmony of the country.
(6) Development of thought power: Self-development helps a person to take rational decisions, which bring desirable results. It helps to develop logical, analytical, intuitive and artistic power of brain.
(7) Development of self-confidence: Self development brings self-confidence in a person. It makes a person more aware, alert and attentive so that whatever the act is performed, it is performed totally, mindfully and with the spirit of enrichment and elevation.
(8) Development of organization efficiency: Self-develop mint increases the organization efficiency of a person. It helps to develop professional skills to the fullest possible extent. This brings
progress in business.
(9) Development of knowledge: Self development develops the tendency to learn, understand and analyze things which makes a person more dynamic, courageous and enterprising.
(10) Whole development of a person: Self development helps in the whole development of a person. It develops the ability to work among people with greater co-operation, consideration and comparison. It develops physical, intellectual, materialistic and spiritual qualities in a person.


Self-development and communication skill are interrelated and interdependent like ‘Cause and Effect’ relationship. On one side self-development makes the communication effective and dynamism and on other side effective communication such as listening to something attentively, creative writing and using, effective language all help in the self-development.


Self development improves the communication skill in the following ways:
(1) Improves personal communication skill : Self-development improves communication skills like, listening, writing, speech etc. An elevated individual can listen emphatically and can understand better the thoughts and feelings of the person speaking to him, which an impatient and egoistic person cannot. A self- developed person can read and write well. The self-evolved person with positive thinking can write creatively, and listen and speak in more effective way.
(2) Improves interpersonal skill: Self-development contributes towards interpersonal skills. The self-developed person can feel harmony with others as they accept the unique existence and essence of every individual. They do not try to dominate others as they are not dominated by this desire.
(3) Improvement in analytical power: Self-development increases the analytical power of ad person which will prove helpful in the effective communication. Self-developed person can take rational decisions which bring desirable results: It also helps to develop logical, analytical, intuitive and artistic power of brain. A self-developed person can analyze audience well and can contribute effectively in the communication process.
(4) Improvement in critical skills: Self-development improves the critical power of a person. Through self-development he can easily plan, revise accredit any communication. It enables him to evaluate the message correctly.
(5) Contribution towards synergistic co-operation: Communication in any organization becomes ineffective due to lack of trust and co-operation among employees. Self-development cultivates trust not in the person himself but also among the persons working around them. It also develops the feeling of satisfaction by co-operating with others. In this way self-development proves helpful in here king the communication effective.
(6) Provide authentic leadership: Leadership is the process of in fencing people to get their voluntary cooperation. Self- development inculcates the essential qualities of successful leader such as clear vision, authenticity, integrity and .deep-penetrating insight in a person. Self developed person can inspire others and transform the atmosphere and make it conductive to communication.
Effective communication is an important tool of self-development. Main medium of communication such as oral and non-verbal communication develops self-confidence in a person. Writing skills,
fluent language, body language and listening power etc. help in the self development. An effective communication leads to self-development as follows:
(1) Writing and self-development: Writing is both a creative and curative process. Writing involves searching the idea or opinion felt in various situations, elaborating it with marshaled arguments
and presenting it in correct and clear language to the targeted audience. Writing makes a man creative, imaginative and productive. Thus, written communication proves helpful in the self-
development of a person.
(2) Oral communication and self development: Oral communication also paves the way towards self-development. As the speaker, tries to influence others, he thinks deeply about the idea, invents arguments and facts to convince others and create healthy environment for conversation. In this process, he widens his knowledge of subject and learns the psychology of others. All these ac-
trinities help in the self-development of a person.
(3) Body language and self-development: Body language stimulates the mind and help in self-development. The various combinations of gestures and poses at the human body are used to express different moods and meanings. The intellectual power of a person increases if he understands body language and gestures. Thus, communication with the help of body language paves the way
toward self-development.
(4) Listening and self-development: Listening effectively and emphatically not only increases professional advancement but also opens the doors of self-development. Listening requires emptying the heart from negative. Emotions and clearing the mind from the preconceived ideas and imaginings. This listening process proves the self-development of a person.

Q.13. what is Positive Personal Attitudes? Explain development of Positive Personal Attitudes?

Define attitude. How is the positive attitude developed?
Ans. Meaning of Attitude:
Attitude can be defined as a mental process of evaluating particular person, situation, action, thing or idea. The reaction of people concerning circumstances, other persons or groups, depends upon their attitudes. It is, therefore attitude is an internal state of a person in which he reacts.
According to K. Young,
‘”An attitude is essentially a form of anticipatory response of action which is not necessarily completed. This readiness to react moreover implies some kind of stimulating situations either
specific or general. ”
According to Bodyguards,                
“Attitude is a tendency to act towards or against some environmental factors which become thereby a positive or negative value. ”
Meaning of Positive Attitude: Favorable analysis regarding particular person, action, thing or idea is termed as positive attitude. If one can channelize one’s secret inner power and use it in constructive way, one can become stronger, richer and happier. Strong will power, self-confidence, creative works are the indicator of positive attitude. A man of positive attitude can convey the message clearly with transmission of understanding and can listen to others’ point of view emphatically and objectively. On the other hand, a person possessing negative attitude characterized by hatred, jealousy, inferiority complex, illusion etc. cannot able to convey the message clearly and not listen to others’ point of view. With positive attitude, one can realize one’s full potentials in life to the fullest extent.


Attitude is more or less permanent, but changes may take place in attitudes and for it appropriate situation is needed. One should try to develop the positive attitude with the help of following point:
(1) For developing the positive attitude, person should follow the favorable thinking and behavior.
(2) One should develop indomitable will and don’t allow his self-confidence to be shaken.
(3) Always think your sulfa’s successful and happy man. Even if things seem to be going badly, always picture ‘success’ and you will always be successful.

(4) Accepting the message: A successful message stimulates favorable elaborations. Reaction to a message can be even more important than the message itself.

Short Answer Questions

Q.1. What is SWOT Analysis? Explain in detail its main component.
SWOT analysis is popularly used in strategic management literature where ‘S’ is referred s strength 😉 ‘W’ as weakness, ‘O’ as opportunities and ‘T’ as threats SWOT analysis is used by an
business enterprise to and analyze its internal and external environment Differential individuals or organizations can identify .their strength •and weaknesses and match them with
opportunities and threats lying in the external environment This analysis helps in formulating the plans and strategy) by which a firm can have maximum profit by utilizing opportunities in best possible
way. It helps in minimizing business risks also.
A person with SWOT Analysis can control his emotional reactions and aggressiveness by keeping his temperament calm and quiet. He can overcome the language barrier and cultural different
ices by showing genuine respect for the other person.


The main component off shoot analysis is as follows:
(1) Business Environment: The conditions and events under which an organization works are termed as business environment. This environment affects the working of an organization. External environment passes threats and opportunities before an organization.
(2) Strengths: All factors and elements which enable a business enterprise to compete effectively and earn maximum profit are called strength of that business enterprise. Adequate amount of
capital, skilled workers, ability of managers, research facilities etc. are the strength of a business enterprise through which it stands in a better position than its competitors.
(3) Weaknesses: Inherent limitations of a business are termed as weaknesses of an organization. These weaknesses impose restrictions and limitations on the working, efficiency and profitability of
an enterprise. For example, over dependence on a supplier for materials etc.
(4) Opportunities: Favorable conditions in a business are known as opportunities. It provides opportunities to a business firm to earn more profit and to compete its competitors.

For example-

Good quality product, monopolistic market conditions, availability of trademark and patent are the opportunities of a business firm through which it can earn more profit.
(5) Threats: Unfavorable conditions which create problems in the progress and smooth running of a business is termed as threats. Labor unrest, unfavorable changes in the government
policies, shortage of raw material etc. create problems in the smooth running of business.
Q.2. How self-development is possible?
See Page 43.
Q.3. Explain the objectives of self-development.
See Page 40 and 41.
Q.4. Explain the relationship or . Interdependence tween self-development and communication.
See Page 42 and 43.

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