Bcom 1st year Business Environment Notes Hindi

Bcom 1st year Business Environment Notes Hindi


Index table

01. Business Environment Importance and Classification
02. Meaning of Globalization Disadvantages Liberalization
03. Various Concepts Related To National Income Meaning Definition of National Income
04. Meaning of Fiscal Policy Objective Developing Economy
05. Effects of inflation
06. Meaning of Monetary Policy Reserve Bank
07. Suggestions Ending Meaning Social Injustice
08. Meaning Of Industrial Sickness Reason
09. Due Poverty in India Meaning of Poverty
10. Infection Meaning Savings and Investments
11. Due to Unemployment In India
12. Meaning Industrial Policy India Characteristics
13. Industrial Growth in India
14. Parallel Economy Meaning of Black Money Government Effects Stop Black Money
15. Concept Components And Importance
16. Balance of Trade and Balance of Payments
17. Major Elements Current Industrial Licensing Policy
18. Characterization Purpose Privatization
19. New Export Import Policy of India

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