Personal Selling Bcom Notes

Personal Selling Bcom Notes

Personal Selling Bcom Notes:- In this post, we will give you notes of Principal of Marketing of BCom 3rd year English and Hindi, Personal Selling Bcom Notes Hindi and English.

Notes:- This Post Already Available in Hindi and English language.

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वैयक्तिक विक्रय (Personal Selling)


वैयक्तिक विक्रय का अर्थ एवं परिभाषाएँ (Meaning and Definitions of Personal selling)


व्यवसाय में व्यक्तिक विक्रय का बहुत अधिक महत्व है। इसमें वस्तुओं के विक्रय के लिये ग्राहक एवं विक्रयकर्त्ता में आमने-सामने बातचीत होती है और विक्रयकर्त्ता ग्राहक को प्रभावित कर विक्रय करने की चेष्टा करता है। इस सम्बन्ध में विभिन्न विद्वानों की परिभाषाएँ निम्नलिखित हैं –

(1) अमेरिकन मार्केटिंग एसोसियेशन के अनुसार, “विक्रय करने के उद्देश्य से एक या अधिक सम्भावित ग्राहकों के साथ बातचीत में मौखिक प्रस्तुति।”

(2) स्टाण्टन के अनुसार, “वैयक्तिक विक्रय में अकेला व्यक्तिगत सन्देश शामिल होता है जो अव्यक्तिगत सन्देश, विज्ञापन, विक्रय संवर्द्धन व अन्य संवर्द्धन उपकरणों के विपरीत है।”

वैयक्तिक विक्रय की विशेषताएँ (Characteristics of Personal Selling)

वैयक्तिक विक्रय की निम्न विशेषताएँ हैं –

(1) वैयक्तिक विक्रय प्रत्यक्ष विक्रय की एक विधि है।

(2) इसमें विक्रेता एवं सम्भावित क्रेता आमने-सामने होते हैं और उनमें भौगोलिक दूरी नहीं होती।

(3) वैयक्तिक विक्रय विपणन कार्यक्रम का एक अंग है।

(4) वैयक्तिक विक्रय एक सार्वभौमिक क्रिया है जिसका प्रयोग हम सभी किसी न किसी रूप में अवश्य करते हैं।

(5) हेनरी फोर्ड के अनुसार, “वैयक्तिक विक्रय एक मानवीय मस्तिष्क से दूसरे मानवीय मस्तिष्क को प्रभावित करने में अन्तर्निहित है।”

(6) वैयक्तिक विक्रय ग्राहक प्रधान दृष्टिकोण है।

(7) वैयक्तिक विक्रय सृजनात्मक कला है।

(8) विक्रय के उद्देश्य से सम्भावित क्रेताओं के सम्मुख मौखिक प्रस्तुति है।

(9) यह विज्ञापन एवं विक्रय संवर्द्धन से भिन्न है।

(10) वैयक्तिक विक्रय में व्यक्तिगत एवं सामूहिक व्यवहार सम्मिलित हैं।

(11) वैयक्तिक विक्रय के कारण विक्रय सम्बन्धों के साथ-साथ गहन मित्रतापूर्ण सम्बन्ध भी स्थापित हो सकते हैं।


विज्ञापन एवं विक्रयकला (वैयक्तिक विक्रय) में अन्तर (Distinction between Advertisement and Salesmanship/Personal Selling)


Personal Selling Bcom Notes

Personal Selling Bcom Notes

English Version

Personal Selling



Selling means the transfer of ownership of goods or services to a buyer in exchange for money. Selling may be personal or impersonal. Personal selling is a highly distinctive word. It refers to oral face to face interaction or conversation between a sales representative and prospective customer for the purpose of making sales. It is a two-way form of communication that gives marketers the greatest freedom to adjust a message to satisfy customers information needs.



“Personal selling is an oral representation of selling through discussion with one or more probable buyers.”

-American Marketing Association

“Personal selling consists of contacting prospective buyers personally.”

-Richard Buskirk




The characteristics of personal selling are as following:

  1. It is an oral face to face interaction of buyer and seller.
  2. It involves personal touch between buyer and seller.
  3. Purchase and sale is effected through this method.
  4. It is a two-way communication process: (a) information about consumer needs and wants, (b) information about merchandise and service which is supplied by the salesman to the prospective buyers.
  5. It is an educative process informing the customers about the ways to satisfy their needs.
  6. It includes commercial and social behaviour.
  1. It has an ability to change human needs into human wants.
  2. In this system, on one side is the seller and on the other the buyer and both influence each other. 9. When buyers agree with the sellers, then sale is finished.
  3. It includes both selling and non-selling functions.
  4. It provides technical advice and assistance to customers.
  5. It is flexible system.
  6. It involves oral presentation of goods.

“Personal selling is not only the salesmanship but is much more than that.” This statement is true. Personal selling and salesmanship are often used synonymously but strictly speaking this conception is wrong. Personal selling in a broader concept and salesmanship is only a part of it.



Personal Selling Bcom Notes



  1. Helps to search and obtain customers.
  2. Helps to keep customers informed on changes in the product line and other aspects of marketing strategy.
  3. Helps to provide technical advice and assistance to customers.
  4. Helps to obtain desired sales volume.
  5. Increased sales volume bring larger profit to manufacturers.
  6. Salesman as a tool of demand creation gives rise to increased production and related business activities.
  7. Helps to secure and retain a specified share of the market.
  8. Salesman help to keep customers satisfied i.e., the company must obtain repeat purchases.
  9. Salesman through personal selling helps to increase the rate of turnover which reduces unsold stock. This minimises the chances of economic stagnation.
  10. Helps the consumers in selecting best goods suited to their requirements, taste and purse.
  11. Helps to collect and report market information which may be of interest and useful to company management.
  12. A businessman through personal selling is able to create large-scale and regular demand which helps in building up a favourable corporate image necessary to secure repeat sales.
  13. Through personal selling, reaction and objection to sales approach adopted by the company can be known and used for maximum effectiveness.


Personal Selling Bcom Notes
Personal Selling Bcom Notes

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