MCQ Information Technology Bcom

MCQ Information Technology Bcom

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Bcom Information Technology Notes

Multiple Choice Questions with Solution

Unit-1 Information Revolution and Information Technology

1, The term “Information Technology” can be summarized as:

(a) Computers + connectivity

(b) Computers + Network

(c) Connectivity + Hardware

(d) Hardware + Software ()

2, Which represents the expression of size and form of particular thinking?

(a) Data

(b) Information ()

(c) Both (a) & (b)

(d) None of these

3, Which of the following has the characteristic of Information?

(a) Timeliness

(b) Purpose

(c) Mode

(d) All of these ()

4, Computing the information is based on preliminary Investigation of:

(a) Shainnan

(b) Weever

(c) Shainnen & weever ()

(d) None of these

5, According to Devis and Olson, information means the data collected in the form being useful for the user and helpful in the process of:

(a) Technology

(b) Decision Making ()

(c) Address

(d) None of these

6, When the sender is informed that the message has been received in its real sense, this is called the process of:

(a) Feedback ()

(b) Feed front

(c) Experience

(d) None of these

7, In 1951, the first professional computer was developed in United Kingdom known as:

(a) Lyons Electronic Office’-LEO ()

(b) PDP

(c) IBM

(d) None of these

8, Which phones allow us to talk on the move?

(a) Landline

(b) Laptop

(c) Mobile ()

(d) PDA

9, What is digital convergence?

(a) Merging of digital communication technologies ()

(b) Merging of hardware technologies

(c) Merging of software

(d) None of these

10, Final copy of Laser printers is called the:

(a) Camera Ready copy (CRC) ()

(b) Camera

(c) Ready copy

(d) None of these

11, Which programs can be prepared in a variety of modes, such as tutorial, discovery, problem solving, modelling, and drill & practice?

(a) CAI ()

(b) CAD

(c) Ready copy

(d) None of these

12, Specialized software packages available to handle accounts in medium sized companies are:

(a) Tally 5.4 ()

(b) Word

(c) Photoshop

(d) None of these

13, The system whereby computer users exchange messages, greetings etc. with each other via Internet, at a very cheap rates:

(a) Electronic Mail ()

(b) Data Transfer

(c) Chatting

(d) Conferencing

14, Data on a floppy disk is recorded in rings called:

(a) sectors

(b) ringers

(c) roundels

(d) tracks ()

15, Which device help us to make and receive calls and services anytime and anywhere?

(a) Land line

(b) Mobile Phone ()

(c) Both (a) & (b)

(d) None of these

16, Which special software programs used for data analysis:

(a) MS-Word

(b) Spreadsheet ()

(c) Corel

(d) Paint brush

17, What is the weight of IBM Meta pad?

(a) 9 Ounces (V)

(b) 8 Ounces

(c) 7 Ounces

(d) 5 Ounces

18, The technology used to store, manipulate, distribute create information is:

(a) Industrial Technology

(b) Information Technology ()

(c) Both (a) & (b)

(d) None of these

19, The technology which include microcomputers, mid size servers and large mainframe systems, and the input, output and storage devices that support them are?

(a) Computer Hardware Technologies ()

(b) Computer software Technologies

(c) Telecommunication and Network technologies

(d) Data Resource Management Technologies

20, The technologies which include operating system software, web browsers, software productivity suits and software for business applications are?

(a) Computer Hardware Technologies

(b) Computer Software Technologies

(c) Telecommunication and Network technologies

(d) Data Resource Management Technologies ()

21, The technologies which include telecommunications media, processors and software needed to provide wire-based and wireless access and support for internet and other networks are?

(a) Computer Hardware Technologies

(b) Computer Software Technologies

(c) Telecommunication and Network technologies ()

(d) Data Resource Management Technologies

22, Which device is used to talk with foreign relatives in our home or office:

(a) TV

(b) Telephone ()

(c) Radio

(d) None of these

23, The period of history before a viable system of writing had developed was called the:

(a) Prelithic Age

(b) Neolithic Age ()

(c) Midlithic Age

(d) None of the above

24, The sumerians of ancient Mesopotamia are credited with inventing the earliest form of:

(a) Reading

(b) Writing ()

(c) Kneading

(d) None of above

25, A set of written, printed, illustrated, or blank sheets, made of ink, paper, parchment, or other materials, usually fastened together to hinge at one side are:

(a) Copy

(b) Book ()

(c) Practical

(d) Theory

26, A set of text-filled or illustrated pages produced in electronic format is known as:

(a) Electronic book

(b) E-book

(c) Both (a) & (b) ()

(d) None of these

27, A shop where books are bought and sold is:

(a) Book shop

(b) Book store

(c) Both (a) & (b) ()

(d) None of these

28, A printing press is a device for evenly printing ink onto a print medium such as:

(a) Paper

(b) Cloth

(c) Both (a) & (b) ()

(d) None of these

29, Which could produce 3,600 pages per workday?

(a) A single Renaissance printing press ()

(b) Typographic block-printing press

(c) Hand copying

(d) None of these

30, Gutenberg is generally credited with the invention practical:

(a) Movable Type ()

(b) Immovable Type

(c) Fixed type

(d) None of these

31, Gutenberg introduced the use of printing press to press the type against:

(a) Paper ()

(b) Cloth

(c) Polythine

(d) Tin

32, An artificial satellite sent to space for the purpose of telecommunications:

(a) Communications satellite ()

(b) Earth

(c) Moon

(d) Satellite

33, Which mechanism relays telephone calls from land telephones to an earth where they are transmitted to a geostationary satellite?

(a) Packet Telephone

(b) Switched Telephone Network ()

(c) Both (a) & (b)

(d) None of these

34, Which device is used to connect directly to a constellation of either geostationary or low-earth-orbit satellites?

(a) Satellite Phone ()

(b) Mobile Phone

(c) Land line Phone

(d) None of these

35, A direct broadcast satellite is a communications satellite that transmits to _____ satellite dishes:

(a) Small DBS ()

(b) Large DBS

(c) Medium DBS

(d) None of these

36, A digital radio signal that is broadcast by a communications satellite, which covers a much wider geographical range than terrestrial radio signals is:

(a) Satellite Radio ()

(b) Radio

(c) Satellite

(d) None of these

37, A conference between two or more participants at different sites by using computer networks to transmit audio and video data:

(a) Video conferencing ()

(b) Chatting

(c) Talking

(d) None of these

38, A centralized system of stored telephone messages that can be retrieve by the recipient at a later time:

(a) VMS

(b) Voice mail

(c) Message bank

(d) All of these ()

39, Which of the following package is used for the composition in printing press?

(a) Lotus

(b) dbase

(c) Page maker ()

(d) Word perfect

40, The retrieval of information from the computer is defined as:

(a) Collection of data

(b) Output

(c) Data retrieval operations ()

(d) Data output collection

41, IT in business:

(a) Is useless

(b) Is inefficient

(c) The need of hour ()

(d) None of these

42, Information revolution:

(a) Is just a myth

(b) Is becoming reality with more and more computerisation is taking place ()

(c) Is becoming a myth more and more computerisation is taking place

(d) Is thing of past

43, Convergence is:

(a) Bringing together cinema and TV

(b) Bringing together all kinds of voice, video and data networks ()

(c) Telephony system

(d) Conversion

44, Information revolution has made people:

(a) Tied to one another ()

(b) Dependent on one another

(c) Independent on one another

(d) Closer

Unit-2 Fundaments of Computers

39, Which term is used to describe basic facts about the activities of the system?

(a) Information

(b) Data ()

(c) Both of (a) and (b)

(d) None of these

40, Such data items which contain only alphabets, both upper and lower case and spaces:

(a) Alphabetic ()

(b) Numeric

(c) Symbolic

(d) Alphanumeric

41, The data items which do not have any fractional portion are called:

(a) Integers ()

(b) Fractional

(c) Whole

(d) None of these

42, The I-P-O cycle begins with providing and storing the:

(a) Data

(b) Instructions

(c) Data and instructions

(d) None of these

43, The individual dots which make up a picture on the monitor screen are called:

(a) Coloured spots

(b) Pixies

(c) Pixels ()

(d) None of these

44, The process of arranging the various records within a file in a given order or sequence is:

(a) Sorting ()

(b) Classifying

(c) Summarising

(d) None of the above

45, The field on which the sorting is done like the roll no., marks or name etc. is called:

(a) Key ()

(b) Field

(c) Record

(d) None of these

46, Which computers are used in the weather forecasting industry?

(a) Laptop

(b) Notebook computers

(c) Supercomputers ()

(d) None of these

47, How many symbols are used in the binary number system?

(a) Two symbols ()

(b) Three symbols

(c) Three symbols

(d) Five symbols

48, Octal number system is the number system with base of:

(a) 7

(b) 8 ()

(c) 6

(d) 5

49, A binary code for alphabetic and numeric characters that IBM developed for its larger operating system is:

(a) EBCDIC ()

(b) ASC II

(c) Binary

(d)None of these

50, Each group of the eight bits makes up one numeric, or special character is called a:

(a) Bit

(b) Byte ()

(c) Nibble

(d) None of these

51, The binary number system contains two symbols:

(a) 0 and 1 ()

(b) 1 & 2

(c) 3 and 4

(d) None of these

52, What is the meaning of repeated addition?

(a) Multiplication ()

(b) Addition

(c) Subtraction

(d) None of these

53, George boolean proposed the principles boolean algebra in:

(a) 1868

(b) 1854 ()

(c) 1892

(d) 1845

54, What is the decimal number of (11001),

(a) 2510 ()

(b) 3510

(c) 2410

(d) 5010

55, What is the decimal number of 4706,

(a) 204810

(b) 250210 ()


(d) 300010

56, What is the decimal number of 1 AC16

(a) 42810 ()

(b) 42910

(c) 42710

(d) 42610

 57, What is the binary number of 4210


(b) 101010, (✓)

(c) 110110₂

(d) 001010₂

58, What is the hexadecimal number of 42810

(a) LAC16

(b)24C 16

(c) 3AC16

(d) 4AC16

59, Base 10 refers to which number system?

(a)Binary coded decimal

(b) Decimal ()

(c) Octal

(d) Hexadecimal

60, Convert the decimal number 151.75 to binary:


(b) 11010011.01


(d) 10010111.11()

61, Convert the binary number 1011010 to hexadecimal:

(a) 5B

(b) 5F

(c) 5A ()

(d) 5C

62, The numbers of bits used to store ABCD digit is:

(a) 8

(b) 16 ()

(c) 1

(d) 2

63, Sample and hold circuits in ADCs are designed to:

(a) Sample and hold the output to the binary counter during the conversion process

(b) Stabilize the ADCs threshold voltage during the conversion process

(c) Stabilize the input analog signal during the conversion process ()

(d) Sample and hold the ADC stair case waveform during the conversion process

64, Convert hexadecimal value 16 to decimal:

(a) 2210 ()

(b) 1610

(c) 1010

(d) 2010

65, Convert the 187 decimal number to 8-bit binary:

(a) 10111011₂ ()

(b)1 1011101,

(c) 10111121,

(d) 10111100₂

66, Convert binary 111111110010 to hexadecimal:

(a) EE216

(b) FF216 ()

(c) 2FE16

(d) FD2₁6

67, Convert the (01011)2 binary number to decimal:

(a) 11 ()

(b) 35

(c) 15

(d) 10

68, Convert the binary number (1001.0010)2 to decimal:

(a) 90.125

(b) 9.125 ()

(c) 125

(d) 12.5

69, Decode the following ASCII message:





(c) stydy hard

(d) study hard

70, One hex digit is sometimes referred to as a(n):

(a) byte

(b) nibble ()

(c) grouping

(d) instruction

71, Which of the following is the most widely used alphanumeric code for computer input and output?

(a) Gary

(b) ASCII ()

(c) Parity


72, If a typical PC uses a 20-bit address code, how much memory can the CPU address?

(a) 20 MB

(b) 10 MB

(c) 1 MB ()

(d) 580 MB

73, Convert 59.7210 to BCD:

(a) 111011

(b) 01011001.01110010 ()

(c) 1110.11

(d) 0101100101110010

74, Convert (8B3F)16 to binary:

(a) 35647

(b) 011010

(c) 1011001111100011

(d) 1000101100111111 ()

75, Which is typically the longest: bit, byte, nibble, word?

(a) Bit

(b) Byte

(c) Nibble

(d) Word ()

76, Assign the proper odd parity bit to the code 111001:

(a) 1111011

(b) 1111001 (✓)

(c) 0111111

(d) 0011111

77, Convert decimal 64 to binary:

(a) 01010010

(b) 01000000 ()

(c) 00110110

(d) 01001000

78, Convert hexadecimal value C1 to binary:

(a) 11000001 ()

(b) 1000111

(c) 111000100

(d) 111000001

79, Convert the 178 octal number to decimal:

(a) 51

(b) 82

(c) 57

(d) 15 ()

80, Convert the 010111100, binary number to octal:

(a) 172,

(b) 272,

(c) 174,

(d) 274, ()

81, How many binary digits are required to count to 10010?

(a) 7 (✓)

(b) 2

(c) 3

(d) 100

82, The BCD number for decimal 347 is __________:

(a) 1100 1011 1000

(b) 0011 0100 0111 ()

(c) 0011 0100 0001

(d) 1100 1011 0110

83, The binary number for octal 458 is __________:

(a) 100010

(b) 100101 ()

(c) 110101

(d) 100100

84, The sum of 11101 +10111 equals __________:

(a) 110011

(b) 100001

(c) 110100 ()

(d) 100100

85, Convert the (001101011), following binary number to octal:

(a) 1538 ()

(b) 3518

(c) 2538

(d) 3528

86, How many bits are in an ASCII character?

(a) 16

(b) 8

(c) 7 ()

(d) 4

87, The octal numbering system:

(a) simplifies tasks

(b) groups binary numbers in groups of

(c) saves time

(d) simplifies tasks and saves time ()

88, Convert the 76, octal number to binary:

(a) 1101112

(b) 111110₂ ()

(c) 111100₂

(d) 1001112

89, Convert 1100101000110101, to hexadecimal:

(a) 121035

(b) CA35 ()

(c) 53AC1

(d) 530121

90, When using even parity, where is the parity bit placed?

(a) Before the MSB ()

(b) After the LSB

(c) In the parity word

(d) After the odd parity bit

91, What is the resultant binary of the decimal problem 49 + =?

(a) 01010101

(b) 00110101

(c) 00110010 ()

(d) 00110001

92, The difference of 111-001 equals __________:

(a) 100

(b) 111

(c) 001

(d) 110 ()

93, Convert the decimal number 151.75 to binary:

(a) 10000111.11

(b) 11010011.01

(c) 00111100.00

(d) 10010111.11 ()

94, 3× 10¹ +7 × 10⁰ is equal to __________:

(a) 3.7

(b) 37 ()

(c) 10

(d) 370

95, The 2’s complement of 11100111 is __________:

(a) 11100110

(b) 00011001 ()

(c) 00011000

(d) 00011010

96, The binary number for (F3A)16 is __________:

(a) 111100111010 ()

(b) 111100111110

(c) 000000111010

(d) 000011000100

97, What is the result when a decimal 5238 is converted to base 16?

(a) 327.375

(b) 12166


(d) 1476 ()

98, What is the octal number of 4610?

(a) 57,

(b) 56, ()

(c) 55,

(d) 58,

99, What is the binary number of 5628?

(a) 100110010,


(c) 101110010, ()

(d) 100001110₂

100, What is the hexadecimal number of 110100112?

(a)D316 ()


(c) D56

(d) D66

101, BCD Code for 42, is:

(a) 01100110

(b) 00010101

(c) 01000010 ()

(d) 00001110

102, BCD Code for 1510 is:

(a) 01000010

(b) 00010101 ()

(c) 11001001

(d) 11100101

103, The weight of the LSB as a binary number is:

(a) 1 ()

(b) 2

(c) 3

(d) 4

104, What is the difference between coding and binary coded decimal?

(a) Binary coding is pure binary ()

(b) BCD is pure has a decimal format

(c) Binary coding has a decimal format

(d) BCD has no decimal format

105, Convert the (109.8176)10 octal:

(a) (155.6424707)8 (✓)

(b) (155)8

(c) (154.6569)8

(d) (156)8

106, Convert 11001001, (binary) to decimal:

(a) 201 ()

(b) 2001

(c) 20

(d) 210

107, What is the decimal value of the hexadecimal number 777?

(a) 191

(b) 1911 ()

(c) 19

(d) 19111

108, What is the resultant binary of the decimal problem 5×3?

(a) 1110

(b) 1101

(c) 1111 ()

(d) 0110

109, 3428 is the decimal value for which of the following BCD groupings:

(a) 11010001001000

(b) 11010000101000 ()

(c) 011010010000010

(d) 110100001101010

110, If the input to a Not gate is A and the output is X then:

(a)X = A

(b)X = A ()

(c) X=0

(d) None of these

111, Which of the following logical operation is represented by the + sign in Boolean algebra?


(c) OR ()

(b) AND

(d) Complementation

112, Output will be a Low for any case when one or more inputs are zero for a (n):

(a) OR gate

(b) NOT gate

(c) AND gate ()

(d) NOR gate

113, The output of a NOR gate is HIGH if:

(a) All inputs are HIGH

(b) Any input is HIGH

(c) Any inputs is LOW

(d) All inputs are LOW ()

114, If a 3-input AND gate has eight input possibilities how many of those possibilities will result is a HIGH output?

(a) 1 ()

(b) 2

(c) 7

(d) 8

115, The Boolean expression for a 3-input AND gate is:

(a) X = AB

(b)X = ABC ()

(c) X =A+B+C

(d) X = AB+C

116, The output of a NOT gate is HIGH when:

(a) The input is LOW ()

(b) The input is HIGH

(c) Power is applied to the gate’s IC

(d) Power is removed from the gate’s IG

117, Which gate is the physical realization of the logical multiplication operation?

(a) AND (✓)

(b) OR

(c) Not

(d) XOR

 118, Which gate is the physical realization of the logical addition operation?

(a) AND

(b) OR ()

(c) NOT

(d) XOR

119, Which gate is the physical realization of the logical addition operation?

(a) AND

(b) OR

(c) NOT ()

(d) XOR

120, In which gate output will be 1 if any one of the input is 0:

(a) NAND Gate ()

(b) OR Gate

(c) AND Gate

(d) None of these

121, Which type of memory holds only the program and data that the CPU is presently processing?

(a) CMOS

(b) ROM

(c) RAM ()


122, The basic building of a computer system which allows sharing of a common line by more than one input lines is:

(a) Multiplexer ()

(c) Encoder

(b) Decoder

(d) None of these

123, A circuit capable of accepting an n-variable input and generating the corresponding output signal one out of 2(n) output lines is called:

(a) Multiplexer

(c) Encoder

(b) Decoder ()

(d) None of these

124, Which of the following is an example of connectivity?

(a) CD

(b) floppy disk

(c) power cord

(d) Internet ()

125, Which accepts a digit, such as a decimal or octal digit, and converts it into a coded output?

(a) Multiplexer

(b) Decoder

(c) Encoder ()

(d) None of these

126, George boole proposed the principles of boolean algebra in:

(a) 1844

(b) 1854 ()

(c) 1855

(d) 1856

127, Demorgan’s law is very useful in simplify:

(a) Logical expressions ()

(b) expressions

(c) Logical Physical

(d) None of these

128, Karnaugh maps is a convenient way of representing and simplifying boolean function of 2 to __________ variables:

(a) 6 ()

(b) 10

(c) 9

(d) 7

129, TCP/IP stands for:

(a)Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol ()

(b) Transmission Control Protocol/Internetwork Protocol

(c) Transport Control Protocol/Internetwork Protocol

(d) Transport Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

130, Which is composed of cells with each cell representing a minterm or maxterm?

(a) L-Map

(b) K-MAP ()

(c) N-MAP

(d) O-MAP

131, When two 1’s groups are formed in vertical or parallel direction, these are called as?

(a) Pair ()

(b) Quad

(c) Tertiary

(d) Penta

132, The group of four variable are used in:

(a) Pair

(b) Quad ()

(c) Octa

(d) Hepta

133, Which computers operate on inputs of continuously varying electrical voltage?

(a) Digital

(b) Analog ()

(c) Hybrid

(d) None o these

134, Which computers represent data as numbers or separate units?

(a) Digital ()

(b) Analog

(c) Hybrid

(d) None of these

135, Which computers are based on the best features and digital computers?

(a) Digital

(b) Analog

(c) Hybrid ()

(d) None of these

136, The first supercomputer was built in:

(a) 1960 ()

(b) 1959

(c) 1961

(d) 1970

137, ILIAC-IV was the:

(a) first supercomputer ()

(b) second supercomputer

(c) third supercomputer

(d) fourth supercomputer

138, Documents converted to ___________ Can be published to the Web:

(a).doc file

(b) http

(c) machine language

(d) HTML ()

139, Which can be used for as such applications such as payroll, invoicing and stock control, reservation and banking?

(a) Minicomputer ()

(b) Microcomputer

(c) Desktop

(d) Laptop

140, Which is the smallest type of computer available?

(a) Microcomputer ()

(b) Minicomputer

(c) Super computer

(d) None of these

141, Which generation computer control was centralized in a single CPU, and all operations required direct intervention of the CPU?

(a) first ()

(b) second

(c) Third

(d) Furth

142, The transistor, was invented in:

(a) 1951 ()

(b) 1952

(c) 1953

(d) 1954

143, Which computer architecture has led to the production of very high-speed machines?

(a) LSI

(b) VLSI ()

(c) IC

(d) IS

144, ___________ use the order in which the letters occur on the top row of the keyboard:

(a) QWERTY ()



(d) None of these

145, Which is used by many applications to save data permanently?

(a) F1

(b) F2 ()

(c) F3

(d) F4

146, A device similar to any normal pen:

(a) Mouse

(b) Light pen ()

(c) Joy stick

(d) Track ball

147, When you cut text, in any windows application, it is stored in?

(a) in a specified directory

(b) in recycle bin

(c) clipboard (✓)

(d) none of these

148, Which device scans set of vertical bars different widths for specific data and are used to read tags and merchandise in stores, medical records, library books etc.?

(a) Bar code Reader (✓)

(b) OMR

(c) MICR

(d) OCR

149, PAGE DOWN is used for:

(a) Move up one screen at a time

(b) Move down on screen at a time ()

(c) Move to beginning of the line

(d) Move to the end of the line

150, Which device is used mainly to recognize marks made by pencil or pen?

(a) OMR ()

(b) OCR

(c) BCR

(d) MICR

151, Which device can be used to scan images, posters, magazine pages, other physical objects like ornaments etc.?

(a) Optical scanner ()

(b) OMR

(c) BCR

(d) MICR

152, Which system reads characters printed in a special magnetic ink into the computer?

(a) OMR

(b) OCR

(c) BCR

(d) MICR ()

153, Which system consists of a scanner and some software?

(a) OMR

(b) OCR ()

(c) BCR

(d) MICR

154, In which unit all the jobs related to arithmetic and logic are performed?

(a) Control unit

(b) ALU unit ()

(c) Memory unit

(d) Central Processing Unit

155, Main part of the computer is:

(a) Central Processing Unit ()

(b) Keyboard

(c) Speaker

(d) Mouse

156, Which supervises all of the CPU’s operations?

(a) Logic Unit

(b) Control Unit ()

(c) Memory Unit

(d) None of these

157, The instruction decoder decode the instructions for:

(a) Keyboard

(b) CPU ()

(c) Mouse

(d) ALU

158, The program counter is a special:

(a) button

(b) Key ()

(c) Computer

(d) None of these

159, The part of the central processing unit that does the actual computing is:

(a) arithmetic/logic unit ()

(b) control unit

(c) Memory unit

(d) None of these

160, The special storage location which located inside the CPU is:

(a) Memory

(b) Registers ()

(c) ROM

(d) RAM

161, Restarting a computer that is already on is referred to as:

(a) shutdown

(b) old booting

(c) warm booting ()

(d) logging off

162, Which acts as heartbeat for the central processing unit?

(a) Control

(b) Clock ()

(c) Key

(d) Mouse

163, Which stores information in binary form?

(a) RAM ()

(b) ROM

(c) Hard disk

(d) Floppy disk

164, Which part of memory are permanently wired or sealed into the chip at the time of manufacturing?

(a) RAM

(b) ROM ()

(c) Hard disk

(d) Floppy disk

165, Secondary memory does not involves:

(a) Hard Disk

(b) Compact Disk

(c) RAM ()

(d) Floppy Disk

166, It is also known as secondary or auxiliary memory.

(a) Hard disk ()

(b) RAM

(c) ROM

(d) None of these

167, A rigid plastic disk coated with an oxide for magnetization is:

(a) Hard disk

(b) Magnetic disc ()

(c) RAM

(d) ROM

168, A backup storage device is:

(a) Magnetic tape ()

(b) ROM

(c) Registers

(d) RAM

169, What is usually used for displaying information at public places?

(a) Monitors

(b) Overhead Projections

(c) Monitors and Overhead Projections

(d) Touch Screen Kiosks ()

170,  __________ means Compact Disk-Read only memory:

(a) FD

(b) CD-ROM ()

(c) DVD-R

(d) CD-R

171, Which is known as video units?

(a) Keyboard

(b) Monitor ()

(c) Speaker

(d) CPU

172, Which are often delivered to a PC through an e-mail attachment and are often designed to do haem?

(a) Viruses ()

(b) Spam

(c) Portals

(d) E-mail messages

173, Which technology uses the direct mechanical contact between the print head and the paper?

(a) Impact Printer ()

(b) Non-impact printer

(c) Laser

(d) inkjet

174, Specialized programs that allow particular input or output devices to communicate with the rest of the computer system are called as:

(a) operating system

(b) utilities

(c) device drivers ()

(d) language translators

175, Dot matrix and daisy wheel printers both print only One character at time:

(a) Two

(b) One ()

(c) Three

(d) Four

176, Laser Printers are termed as:

(a) Page Printers ()

(b) Line Printers

(c) Letter Printers

(d) Character Printers

177, Which use pen or inkjet approaches?

(a) Plotter ()

(b) Printer

(c) Mouse

(d) Keyboard

178, In which device, the paper is fixed and the pen moves left and right up and down across the paper to draw lines?

(a) Drum Plotter ()

(b) Flatbed Plotters

(c) Both (a) & (b)

(d) None of these

179, Which menu is selected to print?

(a) File ()

(b) Tools

(c) Special

(d) Edit

180, In which plotter, the pen moves up and down on the paper and the paper is moved left and right by rotating a drum on which the paper is placed?

(a) Drum Plotter ()

(b) Flatbed Plotters

(c) Both (a) & (b)

(d) None of these

181, Which software tells the computer how it is be run?

(a) Program

(b) Application software

(c) Operating system ()

(d) None of these

182, Which technique attempts to provide proper next instruction address to the processor?

(a) Super scalar

(b) cache memory

(c) Branch Prediction ()

(d) Pipelining

183, The fast local memory that holds the instructions to be executed is:

(a) I-cache ()

(b) L1 cache

(c) M-cache

(d) L3-cache

184, The machines that have multiple instructions executing at the same time, but at different stages in the machine is:

(a) Pipelined Machines ()

(b) Branch Prediction

(c) I-cache

(d) None of these

185, After you double-click a character on the grid of characters, keyboard shortcut PAGE UP is used for:

(a) Move up one screen at a time ()

(b) Move down on screen at a time

(c) Move to the beginning of the line

(d) Move to the end of the line

186, Which cache memory has very high speed (can be accessed quickly with zero wait state) but small in size?

(a) L1 ()

(b) L2

(c) L3

(d) L4

187, Which cache is a large size but slower speed than the LI cache?

(a) L1

(b) L2 ()

(c) L3

(d) L4

188, Which type of memory holds only the program that the CPU is presently processing?

(a) CMOS

(b) ROM

(c) RAM ()


189, All the physical components, i.e., memory, various peripherals, microprocessors, etc of a computer are termed as:

(a) Software

(b) Hardware ()

(c) Memory

(d) None of these

190, A set of instructions given to complete a particular task is known as a:

(a) Software

(b) Program ()

(c) Memory

(d) None of these

191, A piece of hardware that is used to enter information the computer by using keys is:

(a) keyboard ()

(b) monitor

(c) hard disk

(d) icon

192, Which controls all functioning of a computer?

(a) Operating system ()

(b) Software

(c) Hardware

(d) None of these

193, A system software which translates a High Level or Assembly Language program into Machine Language is:

(a) Language Translator ()

(b) compiler

(c) Interpreter

(d) Assembler

194, A translator that only works on Assembly Language is:

(a) Interpreter

(b) Assembler ()

(c) Computer

(d) None of these

195, Which converts High Level Language (HLL) programs in to Machine Language?

(a) Interpreter ()

(b) Assembler

(c) Computer

(d) None of these

196, Which organise various kinds of data future use?

(a) Database management system ()

(b) spreadsheet

(c) Word processor

(d) None of these

197, The software which are used in offices and shops for writing letters, applications, reports is:

(a) Database management system

(b) spreadsheet

(c) Word processor ()

(d) None of these

198, CPU capacity can be measured in:

(a) BPS

(b) MIPS

(c) MHz ()

(d) M PI

199,The programs useful for marinating software and hardware:

(a) Utility software ()

(b) Database

(c) Word Processor

(d) spreadsheet

200, A process that reduces the amount of fragmentation in file systems:

(a) Scanner

(b) Defragmentation ()

(c) Remover

(d) Processor

201, A piece of code that is loaded onto your computer without your knowledge and runs against your wishes:

(a) Scanner

(b) Virus ()

(c) Raunrer

(d) None of these

202, A set of programs that is used to manage the various resources and overall operations of a computer system is:

(a) Virus

(b) Operating system (✓)

(c) Program

(d) None of these

203, Which one is not the property of Information?

(a) Timeliness

(b) Conciseness

(c) Accuracy

(d) Length ()

204, The storage of files on various storage devices and the transfer of these files form one storage device to another is termed as:

(a) File Management ()

(b) Job management

(c) Memory management

(d) Processor Management

205, Short form of Uniplexed information and computing system:

(a) Suffix

(b) Unix ()

(c) Prefix

(d) Linux

206, Which is used to remove the directory?

(a) RD ()

(b) CD

(c) XD

(d) AD

207, Which command is used to create a new text file?

(a) Copy CRE

(c) Pile copy

(b) Copy Con ()

(d) Create copy

208, Which command displays all directories and subdirectories including files?

(a) Plant

(b) Tree ()

(c) CD

(d) RD

209, Which commands set or reset the file attributes for a single file, for selected files or all files in a directory?

(a) Attribute

(b) ATTRIB ()

(c) dir

(d) copy

210, To select or unselect one word to the right:


(b) CTRL+SHIFT+Up Arrow

(c) CTRL+SHIFT+Down Arrow

(d) CTRL+SHIFT+Right Arrow ()

211, Processors contain a control unit and a (n):

(a) adapter card

(b) arithmetic logic unit (ALU) ()

(c) expansion slot

(d) port

212, The command used to make backup copies from one disk to another:

(a) copy

(b) BACKUP ()

(c) Xcopy

(d) None of these

213, To send output from a process to somewhere different from its usual destination is termed as:

(a) copy

(b) Redirection ()

(c) Print

(d) None of these

214, Which contains a series of commands that DOS sequentially?

(a) System file

(b) Initial file

(c) Batch file ()

(d) None of these

215, Which operating system controls the overall activity of a computer?

(a) Windows ()

(b) Door

(c) GATE

(d) Program

216, Which carries signals in the form of fluctuating light in a glass or plastic fibre?

(a) fibre optic cable ()

(b) Coaxial Cable

(c) Satellite

(d) Microwave

217, The basic goal of computer process is to convert data into:

(a) files

(b) tables

(c) information ()

(d) graphs

218, Window is a __________ friendly operating system?

(a) User ()

(b) Back top

(c) Operator

(d) None of these

219, The area on the display screen where icons are grouped is often referred to as:

(a) Front top

(b) Dust bin

(c) Side top

(d) Desktop ()

220, Any file that is deleted from the hard disk of the computer is moved to a separate folder called:

(a) Recycle Bin ()

(b) Dust bin

(c) Both (a) & (b)

(d) None of these

221, The area located at the top of a window which displays a window name is known as:

(a) Title bar ()

(b) Status bar

(c) Formatting bar

(d) Standard bar

222, Which displays files and directories in the system and allows easy navigation through the directories?

(a) Windows Explorer ()

(b) MS-Paint

(c) MS-Word

(d) None of these

223, Which is used for sharing the information through a telephone line?

(a) Modem ()

(b) Telephone

(c) Mouse

(d) Monitor

224, The instructions that tell computer how to carry out the precessing tasks are referred to as computer is:

(a) programs ()

(b) processors

(c) input devices

(d) memory modules

225, The small computer network that are confined to a localized area like an Office, Building or a factory are called:

(a) LAN ()

(b) WAN

(c) MAN

(d) None of these

226, When a Network is spread over a city, it is called?

(a) LAN

(b) WAN ()

(c) MAN

(d) None of these

227, The physical layout of the network in which all the devices are connected is termed as:

(a) Topology ()

(b) Penology

(c) Ecology

(d) None of these

228, Which topology comprises of a number of stations connected directly to a central station or controller?

(a) Star ()

(b) Ring

(c) Bus

(d) None of these

229, Which of the following is an example of storage devices?

(a) Magnetic disks

(b) Tapes

(c) DVDs

(d) All of these ()

230, A computer which work on the network is known as:

(a) client ()

(b) Server

(c) Object

(d) None of these

231, Which of the following peripheral devices displays information to a user?

(a) Monitor ()

(b) Keyboard

(c) Secondary storage device

(d) Secondary storage media

232, Which controls the transaction of data in all the computers of network?

(a) Network operating System ()

(b) MOS

(c) LOS

(d) TOS

233, Which are entities that convey meaning?

(a) Information

(b) Data ()

(c) Both (a) & (b)

(d) None of these

234, The speed at which two computers data is called:

(a) Communicate Rate ()

(b) Brand Rate

(c) Bit Rate

(d) None of these

235, Which lines are permanently connected circuits between two or more points?

(a) Private ()

(b) Regular

(c) Personal

(d) None of these

236, The computer that process both analog and digital is called:

(a) Analog computer

(b) Digital computer

(c) Hybrid computer ()

(d) Mainframe computer

237, Which signal take on any value within a given range of values?

(a) Digital

(b) Analog ()

(c) Hybrid

(d) None of these

238, The multiple parallel lines concepting the transmitting receiving units are:

(a) Serial data transmission

(b) parallel data transmission ()

(c) Mixed data transmission

(d) None of these

239, Which transmission is slower than parallel transmission?

(a) Serial ()

(b) Digital

(c) Mixed

(d) None of these

240, Data transfer in which communication channels is used for several transmission are:

(a) Decoder

(b) Encoder

(c) Multiplexing ()

(d) None of these

241, The computer’s capability of distinguishing spoken words is called:

(a) voice analysis

(b) speech acknowledgment

(c) voice recognition ()

(d) speech interpretation

242, Which consists of a pair of insulated conductors that are twisted together?

(a) Twisted pair ()

(b) Quad Pair

(c) Single Pair

(d) Coaxial

243, Which cable is used by the  cable TV operators?

(a) 75 ohm ()

(b) 50 ohm

(c) 25 ohm

(d) 15 ohm

244, Which cable carries signals in the form of fluctuating light in a glass or plastic fibre?

(a) Fibre optic ()

(b) Cable

(c) Plastic

(d) glass

245, Satellites links use mircowave frequencies is the order of 4-12 Ghz with the satellite as a:

(a) Repeater ()

(b) Contractor

(c) Setter

(d) None of these

246, Date and Time are available on the desktop at:

(a) Keyboard

(b) Recycle Bin

(c) My Computer

(d) Task Bar ()

247, Which operation is not performed by computer?

(a) Inputting

(b) Processing

(c) Controlling

(d) Understanding ()

248, The outer window which has all the bars is known as:

(a) Application Window ()

(b) Document Window

(c) Both of (a) & (b)

(d) None of these

249, Which is used to set the margins within which the text in the document is to be written?

(a) Horizontal Ruler ()

(b) Vertical Ruler

(c) Both of (a) & (b)

(d) None of these

250, The place from where you can open existing documents and create new documents:

(a) Dust Pane

(b) Task Plane ()

(c) Both of (a) & (b)

(d) None of these

251, Of the four words listed below, which one does not belong to the group?

(a) Applications

(b) Peripherals ()

(c) Programs

(d) Software

252, You organize files by storing them in:

(a) archives

(b) folders ()

(c) indexes

(d) lists

253, Which of the following is an example of an optical disk?

(a) Digital versatile disks ()

(b) Magnetic disks

(c) Memory disks

(d) Data bus disks

254, A key is a table-column used to identify some required __________ from a table:

(a) Rows ()

(b) Columns

(c) Both of (a) & (b)

(d) None of these

255, Which of the following uniquely identifies table?

(a) Field

(b) Attribute ()

(c) Records

(d) None of these

256, A CD-RW disk:

(a) has a faster access than an internal disk

(b) can be erased and rewritten ()

(c) is a form of optical disk, so it can only be written once

(d) holds less data than a floppy disk

257, The computer-to-computer exchange of documents between companies is termed as:

(a) Electronic data interchange ()

(b) Data Interchange

(c) Data exchange

(d) Electronic Data Exchange

258, The patterns of printer lines on most products are called:

(a) princes

(b) striping

(c) scanners

(d) barcodes ()

259, Data is collection of:

(a) facts and entities relevant to user ()

(b) raw material

(c) a set of alphabet numbers

(d) input material for a computer

260, What is the full form of ‘GUI’?

(a) Gnutella Universal Interface

(b) Graphical User Interface ()

(c) Graphic Uninstall/Install

(d) General Utility Interface

261, Which contains commands that can be selected?

(a) pointer

(b) menu

(c) icon ()

(d) button

262, Capital letters on a keyboard are referred to as:

(a) caps lock key

(b) grownups

(c) big guys

(d) upper case letters ()

263, The new edition of computer is called as:


(b) Ac bonus

(c) Personal computer ()

(d) None of these

264, In processing cheques which of the following I/O techniques have banks traditionally followed?

(a) OCR

(b) MICR ()

(c) Barcode

(d) VRT

265, Junk e-mail is also called:

(a) spam ()

(b) spoof

(c) sniffer script

(d) spool

266, Which of the following is a Uplink speed satellite?

(a) V-SAT

(b) COM-SAT ()

(c) V-SAT


267, A button that makes character either upper or lower case and numbers to symbol:

(a) monitor

(b) shift key

(c) icon

(d) mouse ()

268, Access control based on a person’s fingerprints is example of:

(a) biometric identification

(b) characteristic identification ()

(c) characteristic security

(d) fingerprint security

269, A symbol on the screen that represents a disk programs that you can select is:

(a) keys

(b) caps

(c) icon ()

(d) monitor

270, Window is a:

(a)Square area

(b) Rectangle area ()

(c) Circle,

(d) N one of these

271, Computers, which intiates the connection is referred to as:

(a) Local computer ()

(b) Private computer

(c) Regular computer

(d) None of these

272, The name of the computer’s brain is:

(a) monitor

(b) hardware

(c) CPU ()

(d) byte

273, To maximize a window means to:

(a) fill it to capacity

(b) expand it to fit the desktop ()

(c) put only like files inside

(d) drag it to the Recycle bin

274, Which key is used in combination with another key to perform a specific task?

(a) function

(b) arrow

(c) space bar

(d) control ()

275, The part of a computer that co-ordinates all its functions called its:

(a) ROM program

(b) system board

(c) arithmetic logic unit

(d) control unit ()

276, The name that the user gives to a document is referred as:

(a) document-name

(b) filename ()

(c) name-given

(d) document-identity

277, What kind of memory is both static and non-volatile?

(a) RAM

(b) ROM ()

(c) BIOS


278, Microcomputer hardware consists of three basic categories of physical equipment:

(a) keyboard, monitor, hard drive

(b) system unit, input/output memory

(c) system unit, input/output, secondary storage ()

(d) system unit, primary storage, secondary storage

279, A directory within a directory is called:

(a) Mini directory

(b) Junior Directory

(c) Part Directory

(d) Sub Directory ()

280, Which is suited for presentations and demonstration that do not involve user’s interference?

(a) Multimedia ()

(b) Hyper Text

(c) Hyper Media

(d) None of these

281, Recent form of Multimedia that allow information access by a system:

(a) Multimedia

(b) Hyper text

(c) Hyper media ()

(d) None of these

282, The Zoom command:

(a) opens a copy of the document in a different view

(b) prints copy of the displayed document

(c) changes the magnification of the displayed document ()

(d) saves a copy of the displayed document

283, An error in a computer program:

(a) Crash ()

(b) Power Failure

(c) Bug

(d) Virus

284, Where are programs and data kept while the processor using them?

(a) Main Memory ()

(b) Secondary memory

(c) Disk memory

(d) program memory

285, Which process checks to ensure the components computer are operating and connected properly?

(a) Booting ()

(b) Processing

(c) Saving

(d) Editing

286, A portable, personal computer small enough to fit on lap is called:

(a) notebook computer ()

(b) handheld

(c) mainframe computer

(d) desktop computer

287, Which of the following are computers that can be carried around easily?

(a) Minicomputers

(b) Supercomputers

(c) PC’s

(d) Laptops ()

288, Which type of security is concerned with protecting software from unauthorized tampering or damage?

(a) data

(b) cyber ()

(c) Internet

(d) URL

289, Data are specific numerical or ___________ representation:

(a) symbolic ()

(b) pictorical

(c) graphical

(d) characters

290, The basic goal of computer process is to convert data into:

(a) files

(b) tables

(c) information ()

(d) graphs

291, Example of an input device is:

(a) Keyboard

(b) Monitor

(c) Mouse

(d) Both (a) and (c) ()

292, A piece of hardware that is used to enter information into the computer by using-keys is:

(a) keyboard ()

(b) monitor

(c) hard disk

(d) icon

293, A series of instruction that tells a computer what to do and how to do it called a:

(a) program ()

(b) command

(c) user response

(d) processor

294, One or or more defects or problem that prevent the software from working as intended or working at all is a:

(a) bug ()

(b) bot

(c) programming language

(d) fuzzy logic

295, A computer cannot ‘boot’ if it does not have the:

(a) compiler

(b) loader

(c) operating system ()

(d) assembler

296, A computer derives its basic strength from:

(a) Speed

(b) Accuracy

(c) Memory

(d) All of these ()

297, What is the function of scanner?

(a) To capture information and store in graphic format ()

(b) Only to capture information

(c) Only to store the information

(d) None of these

298, The ‘CD’ is the command of:

(a) Unix

(b) FTP

(c) Dos ()

(d) All the above

299, The part of a computer that co-ordinates all its functions is called its:

(a) ROM program

(b) Data, information

(c) Arithmetic logic unit

(d) Control unit ()
300, The person who writes and test computer programs is called a:

(a) programmer

(b) computer scientist

(c) software engineer ()

(d) project developer

301, Bit is short form of:

(a) binary system

(b) digital byte

(c) binary digit ()

(d) binary unit

302, An output device that lets you see what the computer doing is:

(a) a disk drive

(b) monitor-screen ()

(c) shift key

(d) printer

303, A personal computer is called:

(a) MC

(b) SC

(c) YC

(d) PC ()

304, Hardware includes:

(a) all devices used to input dat into a computer

(b) sets of instructions that a computer runs or executes

(c) the computer and all the devices connected to it that are used to input and output data ()

(d) all devices involved in processing information including the central processing unit, memory, and storage

305, Which of the following group consists of only input devices?

(a) Mouse, Keyboard, Monitor

(b) Mouse, Keyboard, Printer,

(c) Mouse, Keyboard, plotter

(d) Mouse, Keyboard, Scanner ()

306, Which memory has highest capacity?

(a) Cache memory

(b) Main Memory

(c) CD-ROM

(d) Hard disk ()

307, VDU falls into:

(a) Output unit ()

(b) Display unit

(c) Input unit

(d) Central Processing Unit

308, A device that connect to a network without cable is:

(a) distributed

(b) centrailised

(c) open source

(d) wireless ()

309, What is MP3?

(a) A mouse M. J

(b) A Printer

(c) A Sound format ()

(c) A Scanner

310, How many values can be represented by a single byte?

(a) 4

(b) 16

(c) 64

(d) 256 ()

311, Which of the following is considered an input device?

(a) Keyboard ()

(b) Monitor

(c) Floppy disk

(d) Printer

312, A collection of computer and devices connected together via communications devices and transmission media is called a:

(a) workgroup

(b) server

(c) mainframe

(d) network ()

313, Which of the following statement is the negation of the statement “2 is even or -3 is negative”?

(a) 2 is even & -3 is negative

(b) 2 is odd-3 is not negative (✓)

(c) 2 is odd or -3 is not negative

(d) 2 is even or -3 is not negative

314, A small hand-held computer that helps you surf the Web and perform simple tasks:

(a) desktop computer

(b) mobile phone

(c) notebook computer

(d) PDA ()

315, Which part performs simple math for CPU?

(a) DIMM

(b) ALU ()

(c) BUS

(d) Register

316, The cache memory reduces the time disparity:

(a) Between main memory and hard disk

(b) Between main memory and CPU ()

(c) Between hard disk and CPU

(d) All of above

317, Unauthorized copying, of software to be used for personal gain instead of for personal backups is called:

(a) program thievery

(b) data snatching

(c) software piracy ()

(d) program looting

318, The Human-readable version of a program called:

(a) cache

(b) instruction set

(c) source code ()

(d) word size

319, Which of the following is an unit of measurement equal to 1,048,576 byte or one million byte?

(a) byte

(b) gigabyte

(c) memory

(d) megabyte ()

320, Capital letters on a keyboard are referred to as:

(a) caps lock key

(b) grownups

(c) big guys

(d) upper case letters ()

321, The software tools that enable a user to interact with a computer for specific purposes are known as:

(a) Hardware

(b) Network Software

(c) Shareware

(d) Application ()

322, “Zipping” a file means:

(a) Encrypting the message

(b) Compressing the message ()

(c) Transfer the message

(d) All of these

323, Data that has been organized or presented in a meaningful fashion is termed as:

(a) A process

(b) Storage

(c) Software

(d) Information ()

324, A CPU contains:

(a) a card reader and a printing device

(b) an analytical engine and a control unit

(c) a control unit and an arithmetic logic unit ()

(d) an arithmetic unit and an arithmetic logic unit

325, The receiver converts the code language into simple language by:

(a) Receiver

(b) Decoding ()

(c) Encoding

(d) None of these

326, The complement of a variable is always:

(a) 0

(b) 1

(c) Equal to the variable

(d) the inverse of the variable ()

327, Which of the following terms is used for the form in which the word will appear on the page?

(a) Text formatting ()

(b) Character formatting

(c) Point size

(d) Type-face

328, A device which can accept only information through radar system:

(a) Mobile

(b) Pager ()

(c) PDA

(d) None of these

329, Device drivers are:

(a) tine power cords for external storage devices

(b) experts who know to maximise the performance of device

(c) small, special purpose programs ()

(d) the innermost part of the operating system

330, Which services allow listeners to roam a continent listening to the same audio programming anywhere?

(a) Mobile ()

(b) Pager

(c) PDA

(d) None of these

331, Arithmetic and logic unit does not do:

(a) Input & output

(b) Input

(c) Output

(d) All are correct ()

332, For what, Tally software is used?

(a) DTP

(b) Accounting ()

(c) Networking

(d) Communication

333, Which application is not typically included in an MS-Office suite?

(a) word processor

(b) spreadsheet

(c) antivirus ()

(d) database

334, The information at the top level depends more on:

(a) Internal factors

(b) External factors ()

(c) both of (a) & (b)

(d) None of these

335, This is not type of software:

(a) System software

(b) application software

(c) A & B both are wrong ()

(d) (a) & (b) both are correct

336, In which system, in addition to decimal digits 0 to 9, the symbols A,B,C,D, and F are used to represent the number 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 15 respectively?

(a) Binary

(b) Octal

(c) Hexadecimal ()

(d) Decimal

337, What is the name of the process that is used to convert a series of instructions a program written in a high-level language into instructions?

(a) Assembling

(b) Compiling ()

(c) Translating

(d) Uploading

338, When zero is added to zero, we get?

(a) 0 ()

(b) 1

(c) 0 & 1

(d) None o these

339, When one is added to zero, we get?

(a) 1 ()

(b) 0

(c) 0 or 1

(d) None of these

340, When one is subtracted from 1 we get?

(a) 0 ()

(b) 1

(c) 0 or 1

(d) None of these

341, When zero is multiplied by one, we get?

(a) 0 ()

(b) 1

(c) 0 or 1

(d) None of these

342, The secondary storage memory is also called as:

(a) Auxiliary Memory ()

(b) Attractive Memory

(c) Chip Memory

(d) Read Only Memory

343, Which algebra is used for designing and analysing digital circuts?

(a) Boolean ().

(b) Logical

(c) Gate

(d) None of these

344, Computer circuits are built up using combinations of different types of:

(a) Logic gate ()

(b) Physical gate

(c) AND gate –

(d) Not gate

345, A NOT gate is also known as an:

(a) Inverter ()

(b) Converter

(c) Decoder

(d) encoder

346, Which gate is said to be universal gate?

(a) AND

(b) NAND ()

(c) OR

(d) XOR

347, Which keystroke will take you at the beginning or the end of a long document?

(a) Ctrl+PageUp and Ctrl+Page Down

(b) Shift+Home and Shift+End

(c) Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+ End ()

(d) The only way is-by using the right scroll ball

348, Which operation is obtained from a one-input NOR gate?

(a) AND

(b) NOT ()

(c) OR

(d) NAND

349, A combinational logic circuit that essentially performs a ‘reverse’ decoder function:

(a) Encoder ()

(b) Decoder

(c) Multiplexer

(d) None of these

350, The symbol (.) is used for:

(a) Addition Operator

(b) Multiplication Operator ()

(c) Subtraction Operator

(d) None of these

351, The symbol used for logical addition operator is:

(a) ‘+'()

(b) ‘-‘

(c) ‘*’

(d) None of these

352, The symbol used for complementation operator is known as:

(a) AND operator

(b) OR operator

(c) NOT operator ()

(d) None of these

353, A graphical means to spot the adjacent terms was proposed by:

(a) Map

(b) Karnaugh ()

(c) K

(d) M

354, An unauthorized access into others system is known as:

(a) Hacking ()

(b) Encryption

(c) Decryption

(d) Trafficking

355, The K-Maps for _________ variables is constructed with two columns of four rows:

(a) 2

(b) 3 ()

(c) 4

(d) 6

356, Octet is a group of eight I’s. It always remove variable and their combination from the equation:

(a) 3 ()

(b) 4

(c) 5

(d) 6

357, Computer can process millions of instructions per:

(a) Second ()

(b) Minute

(c) Hour

(d) None of these

358, Which computer has the nanoseconds and gigaflop speed?

(a) Micro Computer

(b) Mini Computer

(c) Macro Computer

(d) Super Computer ()

359, The piece of hardware that converts your computer’s digital signal to an analog signal that can travel over telephone lines is called a:

(a) red wire

(b) blue cord

(c) tower

(d) modem ()

360, 1 billion floating-point arithmetic operations per second a:

(a) Terra flop

(b) Giga flop ()

(c) Mega flop

(d) None of these

361, IBM lauchched its first personal computer called IBM-PC in:

(a) 1980

(b) 1981 ()

(c) 1982

(d) 1983

362, Scientists are working on the:

(a) First generation computer

(b) Second generation computer

(c) Fourth generation computer

(d) Fifth generation computer ()

363, The main two types of memories are:

(a) Batch

(b) Primary and secondary ()

(c) Random and sequential

(d) All of the above

364, Which devices transfer data into a computerized information system so that is can be processed?

(a) Input Devices ()

(b) Output Devices

(c) Both (a) & (b)

(d) None of these

365, Caps Lock is used to type in:

(a) Capital letters ()

(b) Cursive letters

(c) Italic letters

(d) None of these

366, Which keys can also be used to type in uppercase or lowercase according to the on or off state of the Caps Lock key?

(a) Shift ()

(b) ctrl

(c) Alt

(d) None of these

367, The programs written is assembly language are:

(a) Machine dependent

(b) Machine independent ()

(c) Assembly

(d) None of these

368, Which device can be embedded directly into various systems like laptops and notebooks?

(a) Touch Pad ()

(b) Joystick

(c) Mouse

(d) None of these

369, A stick which is used as input device, specially, in game and multimedia software is:

(a) Touch Pad ()

(b) Joystick

(c) Mouse

(d) None of these

370, An integrated circuit that contains millions of transistors and other electrical components:

(a) HD

(b) Processor ()

(c) CD

(d) RD

371, The control unit has a special feature known as the:

(a) Flag

(b) Interrupt ()

(c) Error

(d) Register

372, Which key is used in combination with another key to perform a specific task?

(a) function

(b) arrow

(c) space bar

(d) control ()

373, Bhabha atomic research centre, mumbai developed a super computer known as:

(a) Param Padam

(b) Anupam ()

(c) CRC

(d) None of these

374, In the IBM PC-AT, What do the words AT stand for:

(a) Advanced Terminology

(b) Additional Terminology

(c) Applied Technology

(d) Advanced Technology ()

375, VDU-Visual Display Unit gives:

(a) Software program

(b) Hardware

(c) Soft copy of output ()

(d) None of these

376, Which printer hammers character stamps against a ribbon to produce high quality text output?

(a) Daisy wheel ()

(b) inkjet

(c) Laser

(d) Do Matrix

377, Which beam is used to draw the image to be printed onto a light sensitive drum?

(a) Laser ()

(b) Ultraviolet

(c) Optical

(d) None of these

378, Which draws onto the paper using very fine pens?

(a) Plotter ()

(b) Printer

(c) Monitor

(d) Mouse

379, The benefits of using computers is that:

(a) Computers are very fast and can store huge amounts of data ()

(b) Computers provide accurate output even when, input is incorrect

(c) Computers are designed to be inflexible

(d) All of the above

380, Firewalls are used to protect against:

(a) Unauthorized Attacks ()

(b) Virus Attacks

(c) Data Driven Attacks

(d) Fire Attacks

381, What is the full form of LCD?

(a) Liquid crystal display ()

(b) Liquid chromium display

(c) Low calorie diet

(d) Light crystal display

382, A Hybrid Computer made from:

(a) Resembles digital computer

(b) Resembles analog computer

(c) Resembles both digital and analog computer ()

(d) None of these

383, The technology that allows CPU to perform many different instructions simultaneously:

(a) Pipelining ()

(b) Branch Prediction

(c) Interrupt

(d) None of these

384, In analog computer:

(a) Input is first converted to digital form ()

(b) Input is never converted to digital form

(c) Output is displayed in digital form

(d) All of the above

385, Computers that are portable and convenient for users known as:

(a) supercomputers

(b) planners

(c) minicomputers

(d) laptops ()

386, A set of programs with the specific task of managing entire system is:

(a) Operating system ()

(b) Interpreter

(c) Assembler

(d) Compiler

387, What is the correct order of the value of base binary, hexadecimal and octal numbers?

(a) 10, 16, 2, 8

(b) 10, 2, 8, 16

(c) 10, 2, 16, 8 ()

(d) 10, 8, 16, 2

388, In computer terminology, information means:

(a) raw data

(b) data in more useful and intelligible form ()

(c) alpha numeric data

(d) program

389, Which works on a HLL program and converts it to machine language and vice versa?

(a) Interpreter

(b) Compiler ()

(c) Assembler

(d) None of these

390, Which can make a copy of itself over and over again and is relatively easy to produce?

(a) Virus ()

(b) Scanner

(c) Remover

(d) None of these

391, Which software is used to prevent, detect, and remove malware, including computer viruses, worms, and trojan horses?

(a) Virus

(b) Anti virus ()

(c) Non Virus

(d) None of these

392, In which environment, many jobs may require same resource at the same time:

(a) Multitasking

(b) Multiprogramming ()

(c) Operating

(d) None of these

393, One press F1 key to:

(a) Display help ()

(b) Cut

(c) Paste

(d) None of these

394, MS is the registered trade mark of:

(a) Microsoft ()

(b) Macrosoft

(c) Minisoft

(d) None of these

395, These are large computers which works in the ____________ or multiprocessing or time-sharing:

(a) Multiprogramming ()

(b) Multitasking

(c) Multi Operating

(d) None of these

396, DOS stands for Disk _________ system:

(a) Operator

(b) Operation

(c) Operating ()

(d) None of these

397, How many margin are on a page?

(a) Two (header and footer)

(b) Four (top, bottom, right, left) ()

(c) Two (landscape and Portrait)

(d) Two (top and bottom)

398, Which is a large, complicated operating system run several programs at the same time?

(a) Unix ()

(b) Linux

(c) Zenix

(d) None of these

399, In how many parts, file and Directory name can be divided:

(a) Two ()

(b) Three

(c) Four

(d) None of these

400, Which command lists the files and the subdirectories in a directory except the hidden system files?

(a) DIR ()

(b) List

(c) Display

(d) None of these

401, Which command is used to delete files which is present on disk?

(a) Del ()

(b) Erase

(c) Kill

(d) None of these

402, Which command is used to set a search path for program file having extensions EXE, COM, BAT?

(a) PATH ()

(b) Copy

(c) X COPY

(d) None of these

403, PPP stands for:

(a) Person to Person Protocol

(b) Personal Point Protocol

(c) Point to Point Protocol ()

(d) Power Point Protocol

404, Which command copies exist files, subdirectories and lower level directories?

(a) PATH

(b) Copy

(c) XCOPY ()

(d) None of these

405, Which command sets operation modes for devices?

(a) MODE ()



(d) None of these

406, A device which is not connected to CPU, is called as:

(a) Land-line device

(b) One-line device

(c) Off-line device ()

(d) Device

407, Floppy disks which are made from plastic material are also called:

(a) Diskettes ()

(b) Templates

(c) High-density disks

(d) Hard disk

408, Which command is used to control the screen output of a batch file?

(a) SORT

(b) ECHO ()


(d) None of these

409, A ___________ means the use of pictures, menus, icons, sounds, messages, etc.:

(a) CUI

(b) GUI ()

(c) IC

(d) None of these

410, A program written in a high level languages is referred to as:

(a) source code ()

(b) object code

(c) machine code

(d) assembly code

411, Shortcut icons provide an alternate way to open:

(a) Program

(b) Documents

(c) Folders

(d) All of these ()

412, Mandatory programs or files that are located on your desktop is:

(a) System icons ()

(b) Desktop

(c) Tray

(d) None of these

413, Which of the following displays icons representing various resources available to your computer?

(a) My Document

(b) My Computer ()

(c) Recycle Bin

(d) None of these

414, Which button is located at the bottom of your screen when you start windows for the first time?

(a) Start ()

(b) Taskbar

(c) Desktop

(d) None of these

415, The Windows taskbar is located at the bottom of the:

(a) Start

(b) Taskbar

(c) Desktop ()

(d) None of these

416, Which contains icons for applications that are running in the background of the computer?

(a) Desktop

(b) System Tray ()

(c) Taskbar

(d) None of these

417, Which one of the following is not a valid rule of Boolean algebra?

(a) A+1=1

(b) A = 7 ()

(c) A.A=A

(d) A+O=A

418, Machine language programs are:

(a) Machine dependent ()

(b) Machine independent

(c) Users friendly

(d) None of these

419, Generally, document windows appear within application windows are often referred to as:

(a) Child windows ()

(b) Application windows

(c) Document windows

(d) None of these

420, The area located to the right of a window (just inside the border) which is used to scroll (up/down) through a window’s contents is:

(a) Vertical scroll bar

(b) Horizontal scroll bar

(c) Both of (a) & (b) ()

(d) None of these

421, Which button restores an icon or document window to its previous size?

(a) Close button

(b) Restore button ()

(c) Open button

(d) None of these

422, The person who writes and tests computer programs called a:

(a) programmer

(b) computer scientist

(c) software engineer ()

(d) project developer

423, Which button is located on right most position from the array of three buttons on the top right corner of the window?

(a) Close ()

(b) Restore

(c) Open

(d) None of these

424, Which command is used to delete the selected folder in left pane?

(a) Delete ()

(b) Rename

(c) Properties

(d) None of these

425, Which command is used to change the name of selected folder in left pane?

(a) Delete

(b) Rename ()

(c) Properties

(d) None of these

426, Which signal uses variations (modulations) in a signal convey information?

(a) analog ()

(c) wireless

(b) digital

(d) satellite

427, Which command is used to close the explorer program?

(a) Close ()

(b) Open

(c) Edit

(d) Rename

428, Which command is used to display or invisible the status bar in the bottom side of explorer window?

(a) View status bar ()

(b) Task bar

(c) Tool bar

(d) None of these

429, Which command display the Image file in small format. Using this command we can browse image fast?

(a) Thumbnails ()

(b) Arrange icon

(c) browse

(d) None of these

430, A collection of computers and peripheral devices connected together by communication links, cables so that can exchange information and allow the network components to work together:

(a) Network ()

(b) Internet

(c) Net

(d) None of these

431, WAN stands of:

(a) Wide Area Network ()

(b) width Area Network

(c) Working Area Network

(d) None of these

432, Communications on the connecting links between the station of star topography can be:

(a) Tri-directional

(b) Uni-directional

(c) Bi-directional ()

(d) None of these

433, On which network, there is no central point management and control:

(a) bus

(b) tree

(c) bus or tree ()

(d) None of these

434, Local area networks that have each station attached to an adjacent station using point-to-point links form a physical:

(a) Ring ()

(b) Bus

(c) Star

(d) None of these

435, 1 KB is equivalent to:

(a) 2(560) bytes

(b) 2(10) bytes ()

(c) 2(20) bytes

(d) None of these

436, An output device that lets you see what the computer is doing:

(a) a disk drive

(b) monitor-screen ()

(c) software

(d) hardware

437, Which contains certain procedures and rules that instruct how transfer of data should take place is:

(a) Hardware

(b)Data Communication Software ()

(c) Line ware

(d) None of these

438, The main computer of the network is known as:

(a) Server ()

(b) Client

(c) Object

(d) Screen

439, Every computer which is attached with the network server called as:

(a) Client

(b) Node ()

(c) Object

(d) None of these

440, The arrangement of connected computer in network is called:

(a) Penology

(b) Topology ()

(c) Geology

(d) None of these

441, What is the other name for programmed chip?

(a) RAM

(b) ROM ()

(c) LSIC

(d) PROM

442, Which signal may take on only a discrete set of values within a given range?

(a) Analog

(b) Digital ()

(c) Hybrid

(d) None of these

443, Several pairs of wire enclosed in a single protected cable is called:

(a) Multicore cable ()

(b) Bicore cable

(c) Tricore cable

(d) None of these

444, Which pair cable is used for communications upto ¹ distance of 1 Km. and can achieve transfer rate of 1-1 Megabytes per second?

(a) Co-axial

(b) Twisted ()

(c) Fiber (optic)

(d) None of these

445, Which of the following rules states that if one input of a AND gate is always 1, the output is equal to the other input?

(a) A+1 = 1

(b) A+A=A ()

(c) A.A = A

(d) A.1 = A

446, Which cable consists of a solid conductor running coaxially inside a solid or braided outer annular conductor?

(a) Co-axial cable

(b) Twisted cable ()

(c) Fiber (optic) cable

(d) None of these

447, The ability of an OS to run more than one application at a time is called:

(a) multitasking ()

(b) object-oriented programming

(c) multi-user computing

(d) time-sharing

448, What characteristic of read only memory (ROM) makes it useful?

(a) ROM information can be easily updated

(b) Data in ROM is non-volatile, that is, it remain there even without electrical power ()

(c) ROM provides very large amounts of inexpensive data storage

(d) ROM chips are easily swapped between different brands of computers

449, Which of the following is not one of the four major data processing functions of a computer?

(a) gathering data

(b) processing data into information

(c) analyzing the data or information ()

(d) storing the data or information

 Unit – 3 Computer-based Business Application Word Processing

450, A software package which contains MS-Word, MS-Excel, MS-PowerPoint and MS Access software is:

(a) Adobe

(b) Ms office ()

(c) Data base

(d) None of these

451, A toolbar placed below the menu bar having some File menu options like New, Open, Save, Print, etc is:

(a) Standard toolbar ()

(b) Formatting tool bar

(c) Scroll bar

(d) Drawing tool bar

452, Which has buttons or icons which activate tools for you to draw arrows, rectangles, circles, ovals, etc. into the document?

(a) Standard toolbar ()

(b) Formatting tool bar

(c) Scroll bar

(d) Drawing tool bar

453, Correcting the spelling, inserting or deleting some words and shifting text from one place to another in document is termed as:

(a) Formatting

(b) Editing ()

(c) Deleting

(d) None of These

454, To select a word, anywhere inside the word:

(a) Left click

(b) Right click

(c) Double click ()

(d) None of these

455, Pasting inserts a copy of the ___________ contents before the insertion point:

(a) Clipboard ()

(b) Black board

(c) Desktop

(d) None of these

456, Which is a default type of alignment?

(a) Left ()

(b) Right

(c) Center

(d) None of these

457, The entire process of writing, typing, editing, saving and printing a document occur by:

(a) Word Processor ()

(b) Spread sheet

(c) Database

(d) None of these

458, Which of the following is a word processing program?

(a) MS-word ()

(b) MS-Excel

(c) MS-Paint Brush

(d) None of these

459, Saving is the process of:

(a) copying a document from memory to a storage medium ()

(b) making changes to a document’s existing content

(c) changing the appearance or overall look of a document

(d) developing a document by entering text using a keyboard

460, A key that will erase information from the computer’s memory and characters on the screen is:

(a) edit

(b) delete key ()

(c) dummy out

(d) trust key

461, The worksheet area contains a highlighted rectangle initially located in cell A1. This is called the:

(a) Range

(b) Field

(c) Cell pointer ()

(d) None of these

462, Setting the font of character, margins of paragraph, page size is termed as:

(a) Editing

(b) Formatting ()

(c) Both of (a) & (b)

(d) None of these

463, The setting of text according to left or right margin is known as:

(a) Typing

(b) Alignment ()

(c) Editing

(d) None of these

464, Which is used to calculate results, and display information and results on the computer screen in a desired manner?

(a) Electronic worksheet ()

(b) work book

(c) Page

(d) Line

465, Which is an integrated electronic worksheet (spreadsheet) program developed by MITCHELL KAPOR?

(a) Lotus 1-2-3 ()

(b) MS-Excel

(c) Ms-word

(d) None of these

466, The area formed by the intersection of a column and row into which you can enter and store data is termed as:

(a) cell ()

(b) Area

(c) Range

(d) None of these

467, In this address system, we refer to the cells without fixing either the Row or the column:

(a) Relative Address Method ()

(b) Absolute Address

(c) Mixed address

(d) None of these

468, Cell references that always refer to cells in a specific location:

(a) Relative Address Method

(b) Absolute Address ()

(c) Mixed address

(d) None of these

469, It is combination of both relative and absolute addresses:

(a) Relative Address Method

(b) Absolute Address

(c) Mixed address ()

(d) None of these

470, Which are in-built formulas that perform calculations by using arguments?

(a) Functions ()

(b) Formula

(c) Enter

(d) None of these

471, Which allows you to see the effect that different values have in formulas?

(a) What -if analysis ()

(b) Real Analysis

(c) Both of (a) & (b)

(d) None of these

472, Which is useful if you know the needed result, but need to find the input value that will give you the desired result?

(a) What-if analysis

(b) What-if analysis

(c) Goal-seek ()

(d) None of these

473, Which can handle problems that involve many variable cells?

(a) Goal seek

(b) What-if analysis

(c) Solver ()

(d) None of these

474, Which is an Integrated Enterprise Solution with Complete Accounting, Inventory and Reporting capabilities?

(a) MS-Excel

(b) Tally ()

(c) MS-word

(d) None of these

475, The analysis and interpretation of book-keeping records is termed as:

(a) Reading

(b) Accounting ()

(c) Writing

(d) None of these

476, “The art of recording, classifying and summarizing in terms of money transactions and events of financial character and interpreting the results thereof”:

(a) Reading

(b) Accounting ()

(c) Writing

(d) None of these

477, Status bar appears in which portion of the screen:

(a) at the very bottom of the screen ()

(b) left side of the screen

(c) right side of the screen

(d) none of the above

478, A range of worksheet which filled by the data is called database:

(a) Cell

(b) Range ()

(c) field

(d) None of these

479, How many different documents can you have open at anyone time?

(a) no more than three

(b) only one

(c) as many as your computers memory will hold ()

(d) no more than your Taskbar can display

480, A row of database in Excel is Known as:

(a) Record ()

(b) Field

(c) cell

(d) None of these

481, In MS-Excel, every column of database is known as:

(a) Record

(b) Field ()

(c) cell

(d) None of these

482, Which is an integrated collection of logically related records and files?

(a) Database ()

(b) Excel

(c) Word

(d) None of these

483, “Which software use to achieve the processing and orderly storage of data?”

(a) MS-Excel

(b) DBMS ()

(c) MS-office

(d) None of these

484, Which key is used to make the relation between two tables?

(a) Foreign ()

(b) Composite,

(c) unique

(d) None of these

485, Which is a powerful window based on Relational Database Management System?

(a) MS-Excel

(b) Microsoft Access ()

(c) MS-word

(d) None of these

486, A Microsoft Access database contain how many types of objects:

(a) Four

(b) Five

(c) Six ()

(d) Seven

487, In page preview mode:

(a) you can see all pages you are currently working

(b) you can only see the page you are currently working ()

(c) you can only see pages that do not contain graphics

(d) you can only see the title page of your document

488, Control button is the small button (-) that looks like a minus sign at the ___________ corner of any window:

(a) Right left

(b) Top left ()

(c) Bottom left

(d) None of these

489, Which are based on the data contained in either tables queries?

(a) Forms ()

(b) Paper

(c) Data

(d) Information

490, You can ___________ a table to display selective information or edit specified information from one or more tables:

(a) Query ()

(b) Question

(c) Relation

(d) None of these

491, Which of the following view shows the document as it will look when it printed?

(a) Normal view

(b) Page layout view

(c) Outline view

(d) None of these

492, Name box shows the __________ or the address of the currently active cell:

(a) Value ()

(b) Name

(c) Field

(d) None of these

493, A new workbook opens with _________ sheets:

(a) 13

(b) 16 ()

(c) 14

(d) 15

494, Which automatically adjusts the references in the pasted formula to refer to different cells relative to the position of the formula?

(a) Ms-Excel ()

(b) Ms-word

(c) Ms-paint

(d) Ms-power point

495, Which of the following returns the absolute value of number?

(a) ABS ()

(b) SINC

(c) COSC

(d) Tan

496, Which rounds a number to a specified number or digits?

(a) Round ()

(b) ABS

(c) Left,

(d) Right

497, Which returns the cosine of the given angle?

(a) ABS

(b) SIN

(c) COS ()

(d) Tan

498, DBMS is a collection of data through data entry forms and retrieves it using a:

(a) Key

(b) Relation

(c) query ()

(d) None of these

499, Database is a such type of database which are based on:

(a) Table

(b) Relational Model ()

(c) Component

(d) None of these

500, A ___________ key selected to uniquely identify all the other attributes values in any given row and cannot contain null entries:

(a) Foreign

(b) Unique these

(c) Candidate ()

(d) All of these

501, Used for data retrieval purposes:

(a) Field

(b) Attribute ()

(c) Value

(d) None of these

502, RDBMS store the data into collection of tables, which might be related by common:

(a) Fields ()

(b) Column

(c) Row

(d) Table

503, Which is the finest software available today for businesses of all kinds?

(a) Wings Accounting ()

(b) DBMS

(c) Tally

(d) Solver

504, Which bar is displayed at the top of the window?

(a) Title bar ()

(b) Status bar

(c) Menu bar

(d) Standard bar

505, To copy a picture of the selected window to the clipboard we use:


(b) Ctrl+TAB

(c) ALT+Print Screen ()

(d) Both (a) and (b)

506, The measuring tool of a document is:

(a) Status

(b) Ruler ()

(c) drawing

(d) None of these

507, Which scroll bar is used to move the document up or down?

(a) Vertical ()

(b) Horizontal

(c) Both of (a) & (b)

(d) None of these

508, The blank white area where you type text, insert pictures, draw lines, circles, rectangles, etc. is:

(a) Application Window

(b) Document Window ()

(c) Status Window

(d) None of these

509, A function inside another function is called __________:

(a). Nested function ()

(b). Round function

(c). Sum function

(d). Text function

510, Which of the following is not an underline option format cells dialog box?

(a) Double

(b) Single Accounting

(c) Double Accounting

(d) Single Engineering ()

511, Formulas in Excel start with:

(a) %

(b) = ()

(c) +

(d) –

512, The default header for a worksheet is:

(a) Username

(b) Date and Time

(c) Sheet tab Name

(d) None ()

513, Which of the following is not an option of the spelling dialog box?

(a) Ignore

(b) Ignore all

(c) Edit ()

(d) Change

514, Which of the following methods will not enter data in a cell?

(a) Pressing the Esc key ()

(b) Pressing an arrow key

(c) Pressing the tab key

(d) Clicking the enter button to the formula bar

515, The cell reference for cell range of G2 to M12 is:

(a) G2.M12

(b) G2;M12

(c) G2:M12 ()

(d) G2-M12

516, What is the keyboard shortcut for creating a chart from the selected cell range?

(a) F2

(b) F4

(c) F8

(d) F11 ()

517, The Software which contains rows and columns is called:

(a) Database

(b) Drawing

(c) Spreadsheet ()

(d)Word processing

518, You can group noncontiguous worksheets with:

(a) The alt+enter key

(b) The ctrl key and mouse ()

(c) The shift key and the mouse

(d) The group button on the standard toolbar

519, Which of the following is not a valid Zoom percentage Excel?

(a) 10

(b) 100

(c) 300

(d) 500 ()

520, The spelling tool is placed on __________ toolbar:

(a) Standard ()

(b) Formatting

(c) Drawing

(d) Reviewing

521, If you need a text to show vertically in a cell. How will you achieve this?

(a) Choose Vertical on Text box alignment in Format Cells dialog

(b) Choose 90 Degrees in Orientation of Format Cells dialog box ()

(C) Choose Distributed from the Vertical drop down list of Format Cells dialog box

(d) Choose Center Across Selection from Horizontal combo box in Format Cells dialog box

522, Can you set 0.5 inch left indentation for a cell in Excel?

(a) Excel does not have indentation feature

(b) You can specify indentation only if you turn the rulers on

(c) Indentation can be set from Format Cells dialog box ()

(d) The indentation can be specified only when printing

523, You can automatically adjust the size of text in a cell if they do not fit in width by:

(a) Double clicking on the right border of column header

(b) From Format choose Columns and then Autofit Selection

(c) From Format Cells dialog box mark Shrink to fit check box ()

(d) All of above

524, Formatting a cell in Currency, you can specify:

(a)Decimal Places

(b)Currency Symbol

(c)Both of above ()

(d) None of above

525, Formatting a cell in Number format you can’t set:

(a)Decimal Places

(b) Use 1000 separator

(c) Negative numbers

(d) Currency Symbol ()

526, What is entered by the function -today()?

(a) The date value for the day according to system clock ()

(b) The time value according to system clock

(c) Today’s date as Text format

(d) All of above

527, Which function will you use to enter current time in a worksheet cell?


(b) = now() ()



528, Special category of Number tab in Format Cells dialog can be used to apply formats like:

(a) Zip Code

(b) Phone Number

(c) Both of above ()

(d) None of above

529, Merge cells option can be applied from:

(a) Format Cells dialog box Alignment Tab ()

(b) Formatting toolbar

(c) Both of above

(d) None of above

530, Pre-made sheet formats like Simple, Classic, Accounting, Colorful etc. can be applied from:

(a) from Format > Cells

(b) from Format > Autoformat ()

(c) from Table > Autoformat

(d) All of above

531, Which of the following format you can decide to apply or not in Auto Format dialog box?

(a)Number format

(b) Border format

(c) Font format

(d) All of above ()

532, How can you remove borders applied in cells?

(a) Choose None on Border tab of Format cells

(b) Open the list on Border tool in Formatting toolbar then choose first tool (no border)

(c) Both of above ()

(d)None of above

533, Where can you set the shedding color for a range of cells Excel?

(a) Choose required color form Patterns tab of Format Cells dialog box

(b) Choose required color on Fill Color tool in Formatting toolbar

(c) Choose required color on Fill Color tool in Drawing toolbar

(d) All of above ()

534, You can set Page Border in Excel from:

(a) From Border tab in Format Cells dialog box

(b) From Border tool in Formatting toolbar

(c) From Line Style tool in Drawing toolbar

(d) You can not set page border in Excel ()

535, When all the numbers between 0 and 100 in a range should be displayed in Red Color, apply?

(a)Use if() function to format the required numbers red

(b)Apply Conditional Formatting command on Format menu ()

(c) Select the cells that contain number between 0 and 100 then click Red color on Text Color tool

(d) All of above

536, You can check the conditions against applying conditional formatting:

(a) Cell value

(b) Formula

(c) Both of above ()

(d) None of above

537, Which of the following is not true regarding Conditional Formatting?

(a) You can add more than one condition to check

(b) You can set condition to look for Bold and apply Italics on them. ()

(c) You can apply Font, border and pattern formats that meets the specified conditions

(d) You can delete any condition from Conditional Formatting dialog box if it is not required

538, Which of the following is invalid statement?

(a) Sheet tabs can be colored

(b) Some picture can be applied as a background of a sheet

(c) You can set the column width automatically fit the amount of text

(d) The width of a row and be specified manually or fit automatically ()

539, If you want to keep tract of different editions of a document which features will you use?

(a) Editions

(b) Track change

(c) Versions ()

(d) None of these

540, Background color or effects applied on a document is not visible in:

(a) Web logout view

(b) Print logout view

(c) Reading view

(d) Print preview ()

541, What is a portion of a document in which you sit certain page formatting options?

(a) Page

(b) Document

(c) Section ()

(d) None of these

542, Boarder can be applied to:

(a) Cells

(b) Paragraph

(c) Text

(d) All of above ()

543, Which of the following is not a type of page margin?

(a) Left

(b) Right

(c) Center ()

(d) Top

544, What is gutter margin?

(a) Margin that is added to the left margin when printing

(b) Margin that is added to the binding side of page when printing ()

(c) Margin that is added to right margin when printing

(d) Margin that is added to the outside of the page when printing

545, Portrait and landscape are:

(a) Page orientations ()

(b) Paper size

(c) Page logout

(d) All of above

546, If you need to change the typeface of a document, which menu will you choose?

(a) Edit

(b) Format ()

(c) View

(d) Yools

547, Which of the following is not a font style?

(a) Bold

(b) Italics

(c) Superscript ()

(d) Regular

 Unit-4 Electronic Data Interchange

548, A branch of general auditing concerned with control of information and communications technologies is:

(a) Information Audit ()

(b) statutory Audit

(c) Both of (a) & (b)

(d) None of these

549, The process of identifying the standard data elements relationship to the application data elements is:

(a) Mapping ()

(b) EDI

(c) FDI

(d) None of these

550, The processing of data by a computer and its programs in an environment involving electronic communication is:

(a) EDP ()

(b) EDI

(c) FDI

(d) None of these

551, Which is used for the exchange of business documents, including purchases orders and invoices etc.?

(a) FDI

(b) EDI ()

(c) EDP

(d) None of these

552, EDI is a __________ document replacement technique:

(a) Paper ()

(b) cloth

(c) Both of (a) & (b)

(d) None of these

553, Data interchange Standards Association’ is the full form of:


(b) DISA ()


(d) None fo these

554, A complete set of X12 standards is called a:

(a) Release ()

(b) Leave

(c) Inter

(d) None of these

555, A new high-powered web language developed for E-business is:

(a) XML ()

(b) MTNL

(c) XMI

(d) EML

656, Which provides enterprise and individuals through Internet to instantly finish the payment and online money transferring?

(a) FEDI ()

(b) off-line

(c) T-line

(d) None of these

557, Which is a tool for the payment cycle:

(a) EEDI

(b) FEDI ()

(c) FFDI

(d) None of these

558, “Information Audit is frequently described in terms of a w of the information”:

(a) Inventory ()

(b) Bill

(c) Item

(d) None of these

559, Which type of audit not only counts resource but also examines how they are being used, by whom and for what purpose is?

(a) FEDI

(b) Information Audit ()

(c) XML

(d) None of these

560, The process of evaluating and assessing IT assets and processes to insure the implementation of best practices is:

(a) Audit

(b) IT Auditing ()

(c) FEDI

(d) None of these

561, The evaluation of an organization’s financial systems and processes is:

(a) Traditional auditing ()

(b) FEDI

(c) EDP

(d) None of these

562, ASC X12 is working carefully to enhance communications around the world by work on Electronic Business:

(a) XML ()

(b) HTML

(c) EXML

(d) FXML

563, Which type of audit is a intensive project going over several thousand records focusing on compliance of the transactions to organization’s policies?

(a) Economical Audit

(b) financial Audit ()

(c) Physical Audit

(d) Logical Audit

564, The sites which are accessed by any body and there are no need of user name or password are called:

(a) Anonymous Sites

(b) Non-anonymous Sites ()

(c) Both of (a) & (b)

(d) None of these

565, Which of the following is a collection of questions been posted many times to a newsgroup?

(a) FAQ (✓)

(b) RAC

(c) CAD

(d) CAM

566, Electronic Data Interchange is necessary in:

(a) B2C e-Commerce

(b) C2c e- Commerce

(c) B2B e-Commerce ()

(d) Commerce using internet

567, EDI requires:

(a) representation of common business documents in computer readable form ()

(b) data entry operators by receivers

(c) special value added networks

(d) special hardware at co-operating Business premises

568, EDI standards are:

(a) not universally available

(b) essential for B2B commerce ()

(c) not required for B2B commerce

(d) still being evolved

569, EDIFACT is a standard:

(a) for representing business forms used in e-Commerce ()

(b) for e-mail transaction for e-Commerce

(c) for ftp in e-Commerce

(d) protocol used in e-Commerce

570, EDIFACT standard was developed by:

(a) American National Standard Institute

(b) International Standard Institute

(c) European Common Market

(d) United Nations Economic Commission for Europe ()

571, ANSI X.12 is a standard developed by:

(a) American National Standard Institute ()

(b) International Standard Institute

(c) European Common Market

(d) United Nations Economic Commission for Europe

572, In B2B e-Commerce:

(i) Co-operating Business should give an EDI standard to be used

(ii) Programs must be developed to translate EDI forms to a form accepted by application program

(iii) Method of transmitting/receiving data should be mutually agreed

(iv) It is essential to use internet

(a) i, ii

(b) i, ii, iii ()

(c) i, ii, iii, iv

(d) ii, iii, iv

573, EDI use:

(a) requires an extranet

(b) requires value added network

(c) can be done on internet ()

(d) requires a corporate intranet

574, EDI over internet uses:

(a) MIME to attach EDI forms to e-mail messages ()

(b) FTP to send business forms

(c) HTTP to send business forms

(d) SGML to send business forms

575, For secure EDI transmission on internet:

(a) MIME is used

(b) S/MIME is used ()

(c) PGP is used

(d) TCP/IP is used

576, EDI standard:

(a) is not easily available

(b) defines several hundred transaction sets for various business forms ()

(c) is not popular

(d) defines only a transmission protocol

577, A digital signature is:

(a) a bit string giving identity of a correspondent

(b) a unique identification of a sender

(c) an authentication of an electronic record by lying it uniquely to a key only a sender knows ()

(d) an encrypted signature of a sender

578, A digital signature is required:

(i) to tie an electronic message to the sender’s identity

(ii) for non repudiation of communication by a sender

(iii) to prove that a message was sent b the sender in a court of law

(iv) in all e-mail transactions

(a) i and ii

(b) i, ii, iii ()

(c) i, ii, iii, iv

(d) ii, iii, iv

 Unit-5 The Internet and Its Basic Concepts

 579, How many number in an IP address are used in different ways to identify a particular network and a host on that network?

(a) Four ()

(b) Three

(c) Two

(d) One

580, The terms electronic commerce is made up of two words:

(a) Electronic

(b) Commerce

(c) Electronic and Commerce ()

(d) None of these

581, Which applies internet network to search and retrieve information in support of human corporate decisions making?

(a) E-Commerce ()

(b) X-Commerce

(c) A-Commerce

(d) B-Commerce

582, The internet is a system of:

(a) software bundles

(b) web page

(c) web site

(d) interconnected networks ()

583, SMTP stands for:

(a) Simple Mail Transmission Protocol

(b) Single Mail Transmission Protocol

(c) Single Mail Transfer Protocol

(d) Simple Mail Transfer Protocol ()

584, The purpose of the primary key in a database is to:

(a) unlock the database

(b) provide a map of the data ()

(c) uniquely identify a record

(d) establish constraints on database operations

585, A term relating to sending data to a satellite is:

(a) downlink

(b) modulate

(c) demodulate

(d) uplink ()

586, The first page of a Web site is called the:

(a) Homepage ()

(d) Bookmark

(c) Java Script

(b) Index

587, An example of a telecommunication device is a:

(a) keyboard

(b) mouse

(c) modem ()

(d) printer

588, A chat is:

(a) an Internet standard that allows users to upload and download files

(b) a typed conversation that takes place on computer ()

(c) an online area in which users conduct written about a particular subject discussion

(d) that transmission of messages and files via a computer network

589, CSMA/CD is:

(a) an important protocol

(b) IEEE 802.3 (ethernet)

(c) Both (a) & (b) ()

(d) none of these

590, Why should you delete unknown e-mail attachments?

(a) You could go to jail

(b) the person could track you down and hurt you

(c) it is bad manners

(d) it mights contains a virus that could hurt your computer ()

591, To view information on the web you must have a:

(a) cable modem

(b) web browser ()

(c) domain name server

(d) hypertext viewer

592, Every computer have a distinct:

(a) firewall

(b) proxy server ()

(c) IP address

(d) domain server

593, The format of an IP address is a __________-bit numeric address written as four number separated by periods:

(a) 32 ()

(b) 16

(c) 8

(d) 64

594, Class A-supports 16 million hosts on each of networks:

(a) 126 ()

(b) 123

(c) 125

(d) 124

595, Which class supports 65.000 hosts on each of 16,000 networks?

(a) B ()

(b) A

(c) C

(d) D

596, Which class-supports 254 hosts on each of 2 million networks?

(a) B

(b) A

(c) C ()

(d) D

597, Which is one of the most interesting areas of the personal computer?

(a) Multi media ()

(b) Hyper text

(c) Hyper media

(d) None of these

598, Which locates an organization or other entity on the Internet?

(a) E-mail

(b) Domain ()

(c) Post box

(d) None of these

599, Domain System is also called:

(a) DNS ()

(b) DSN

(c) SON

(d) S

600, A DNS Serwis just a computer that’s running software:

(a) Server ()

(b) Computer

(c) Client

(d) None of these

601, Which provides us greater information on different from any part of the world?

(a) Internet ()

(b) Network

(c) Intranet

(d) None of these

602, The combination of modulator and demodulator is:

(a) Modem ()

(b) encoder

(c) Telephone

(d) None of these

603, An organisation which present the internet service to subscriber:

(a) FTP

(b) ISP ()

(c) COM

(d) None of these

604, An application software is:

(a) Web browser ()

(b) Search engine

(c) Face book

(d) None of these

605, This is a software application which used to find out the address of web page.

(a) Web browser ()

(b) Search engine

(c) Face book

(d) None of these

606, DNS software is generally made up of two elements: actual name server, and something called a:

(a) Resolver ()

(b) Server

(c) Software

(d) None of these

607, A domain name usually consists of two or more parts separated by:

(a) Dots ()

(b) Underscore

(c) Dash

(d) None of these

608, Which domains were created for use by the Internet public?

(a) Generic Domains ()

(b) Public Domains

(c) Private Domains

(d) None of these

609, This __________ was introduced in response to NATO’s request for a domain name, which adequately reflected its character as an international organization:

(a) GTLD ()

(b) GTDL

(c) GLTD

(d) GDTL

610, Country Code Top level Domain (ccTLDs) is 2 letters long:

(a) Two ()

(b) Three

(c) Four

(d) Five

611, Which is a World Wide client application that displays the hypertext documents and follow links to other HTML documents on the web?

(a) Web browser ()

(b) Search Engine

(c) Hypertext

(d) None of these

612, An identifier for a computer device on a _________ network:

(a) TCP/IP ()

(b) TCP

(c) IP

(d) None of these

613, In which system the information was broken down into pieces:

(a) Packet switched Network ()

(b) unpacked Network

(c) Local Network

(d) None of these

614, Which is assumed to the father of all network communication?

(a) UUCP

(b) ARPANET ()

(c) Internet

(d) None of these

615, The Internet became the umbrella name for this combination of network in the late:

(a) 1970,

(b) 1980 ()

(c) 1990

(d) 1981

616, Which online services operate on one powerful computer, connected to the Internet?

(a) Computer service

(b) America online

(c) Both (a) & (b) ()

(d) None of these

617, A word in a web page that, when clicked, opens another document:

(a) anchor

(b) URL

(c) hyperlink ()

(d) reference

618, Which is the most popular Internet Service Provider in India?

(a) MSNL

(b) VSNL ()

(c) Both of (a) & (b)

(d) None of these

619, Leased telephone line may be of speed of:

(a) 128 kbps

(b) 256 kbps

(c) 512 kbps

(d) All of these ()

620, The rules according to which two devices communicate each other, when they are connected with Internet:

(a) Topology

(b) Protocols ()

(c) Reference

(d) None of these

621, The term used to define all input and output devices in a computer system is:

(a) Monitor

(b) Software

(c) Shared resources

(d) Hardware ()

622, TCP/IP is the suite of:

(a) Topology

(b) Protocols ()

(c) Reference

(d) None of these

623,  _________ stands for Internet protocol:

(a)IP ()

(b) Inpro

(c) NP

(d) IPR

624, It divides the data into packets that the network can handle them properly:

(a) IP ()

(b) TCP

(c) FTP

(d) None of these

625, An Internet tool that copies a file from one Internet site to another is:

(a) IP

(b) TCP

(c) FTP ()

(d) None of these

626, Which stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol, designed by Tim Berners Lee?

(a) HTTP ()

(b) FTP

(c) HTML

(d) HHTP

627, Hyper Text is text that is specially code using a standard system called:

(a) HTTP

(b) FTP

(c) HTML ()

(d) HHTP

628, When you want to move some text from one page to a different page, the best method is:

(a) drag and drop

(b) cut and paste ()

(c) delete and replace

(d) find and replace

629, The Internet protocol suite is the set of communications that apply the protocol stack on which the Internet runs:

(a) Protocol ()

(b) Topology

(c) Reference

(d) None of these

630, The most notable difference between TCP/IP and OSI models is the:

(a) Application layer ()

(b) Data

(c) Link layer

(d) Physical

631, A system to handle the distributed resources necessary for scientific researches is:

(a) E-mail

(b) WWW ()

(c) Web Browser

(d) None of these

632, Which provides a single interface to user for accessing all the protocols?

(a) E-mail

(b) WWW ()

(c) Web Browser

(d) None of these

633, Which contains different kinds of information such picture, video, sound and pointers?

(a) Web page ()

(b) Web browser

(c) E-mail

(d) None of these

634, A system of transferring messages in electronic format from one machine connected to the Internet to another one is:

(a) Web page

(b) Web browser

(c) E-mail ()

(d) None of these

635, Which protocol is used to access a mail server to retrieve incoming E-mail?

(a) Post office ()

(b) Post box

(c) E-mail

(d) None of these

636, Receiving E-mail facility access by link is called:

(a) In box ()

(c) Sent mail

(b) Out box

(d) None of these

637, Which discussion groups are going on all the time:

(a) Post office 20120

(b) Newsgroup ()

(c) E-mail

(d) None of these

638, To view information on the web you must have a:

(a) cable modem

(c) Domain Name server

(b) web browser ()

(d) hypertext viewer

639, Which command is used to test if you can reach a specific host on the Internet?

(a) Ping (✓)

(b) OPT

(c) Pong

(d) None of these

640, The default setting for ping is to send _________ echo requests one second apart to the host computer, and await each reply:

(a) Four ()

(b) Five

(c) Six

(d) Three

641, Which network protocol is used on the internet or local area network?

(a) FTP

(b) Telnet ()


(d) None of these

642, In 32 bit IP Addressing scheme all is represent:

(a) This computer

(b) Directed broadcast

(c) Limited broadcast ()

(d) Loop back

643, Which layer in not present is TCP/IP model?

(a) Application layer

(b) Internet layer

(c) Transport

(d) Presentation layer ()

644, Address belongs to:

(a) Class A

(b) Class B

(c) Class C ()

(d) Class D

645, The total number of class of IP address are:

(a) 3

(b) 4

(c) 5 ()

(d) 9

646, A network uses a star topology if:

(a) Computers are arranged in a closed loop

(b) All computers attach to a control point ()

(c) All computers attach to a single long cable.

(d) Computer attach to multiple hierarchical

647, FTP does not use:

(a) Two transfer mode

(b) Control connection to remote computer before file can be transferred.

(c) User datagram protocol ()

(d) Authorization of a user through login and password verification

648, is a:

(a) Limited broadcast address

(b) Direct broadcast address

(c) Multicast address

(d) Loop-back address ()

549, Which one of the following uses the greatest number of layers in the OSI model?

(a) Bridge

(b) Repeater

(c) Router

(d) Gateway ()

550, ATM is a example of:

(a) Ring topology

(b) Star topology ()

(c) Bus topology

(d) None of these

651, Protocol used to monitor and control network devices operates at:

(a) Application layer ()

(b) Transport layer

(c) Network layer

(d) Data link layer

652, This address doesn’t change every day:

(a) static IP address ()

(b) dynamic IP address

(c) unique IP address

(d) common name and number

653, This address changes temporarily as the applications connect to the Internet:

(a) static IP address

(b) dynamic IP address ()

(c) unique IP address

(d) common name and number

654, The way in which information is transmitted Internet-connected devices is called:

(a) Internet connectivity

(b) IP address

(c) Multitasking

(d) Multicasting ()

655, The system that translates an IP address into an easier remember name is the:

(a) packet-switching domain system

(b) domain name system ()

(c) domain

(d) domain numbering system

656, All of the following are top-level domains EXCEPT:

(a) com

(b) mil

(c) army ()

(d) org

657, All of the following are top-level domains EXCEPT:

(a) coop

(b) net

(c) biz

(d) bus ()

658, A recently created additional top-level domain name is:

(a) pro ()

(b) plan

(c) business

(d) school

659, A URL can specify the IP address of the Web that houses a Web page:

(a) Server ()

(b) client

(c) page

(d) e-mail recipient

660, Internet is:

(a) a local computer network

(b) a world wide network of computers

(c) an interconnected network of computers

(d) a world wide interconnected network of computers which use a common protocol to communicate with one another ()

661, The facilities available in the internet are:

(i) electronic mail

(ii) remote login

(iii) file transfer

(iv) word processing

(a) i, ii

(b) i, ii, iii ()

(c) i, ii, iv

(d) ii, iii and iv

662, Internet requires:

(a) an international agreement to connect computers

(b) a local area network

(c) a commonly agreed set of rules to communicate between computers ()

(d) a World Wide Web

663, Each computer connected to the internet must’:

(a) be an IBM PC

(b) have a unique IP address ()

(c) be internet compatible

(d) have a modem connection

664, IP address is currently:

(a) 4 bytes long ()

(b) available in plenty

(c) 6 bytes long

(d) not assigned as it is all used up

665, IP addresses are converted to:

(a) a binary string

(b) alphanumeric string

(c) a hierarchy of domain names ()

(d) a hexadecimal string

666, Internet addresses must always have at least:

(i) A country name or organization type

(ii) Internet se: vice provider’s name

(iii) Name of organization

(iv) Name of individual

(v) Type of organization

(a) i, ii, iii

(b) ii, iii, iv

(c) i, iii ()

(d) ii, iii, iv, v

667, Internet uses:

(a) Packet switching ()

(b) Circuit switching switching

(c) Telephone switching

(d) Telex

668, Internet data is broken up as:

(a) fixed length packets

(b) variable length packets ()

(c) not packetized

(d) 64 bytes packets

669, Internet packet data structure consists of:

(i) Source address

(ii) Destination address

(iii) Serial number of packets

(iv) Message bytes

(v) Control bits for error checking

(vi) Path identification bits

(a) i, ii, iii

(b) i, ii, iii, iv

(c) i, ii, iii, iv, v ()

(d) i, ii, iii, iv, v, vi

670,The packets of an internet message:

(a) take a predetermined path

(b) take a path based on packet priority

(c) go along different paths based on path availability ()

(d) take the shortest path from source to destination

671, The time taken by internet packets:

(a) can be predetermined before transmission

(b) may be different for different packets

(c) is irrelevant for audio packets ()

(d) None of these

672, An intranet we mean:

(a) a LAN of an organization

(b) a Wide Area Network connecting all branches of an organization

(c) a corporate computer network

(d) a network connecting all computers of an organization and using the internet protocol ()

673, By an extranet we mean:

(a) an extra fast computer network

(b) the intranets of two co-operating organizations interconnected via a secure leased line ()

(c) an extra network used by an organization for higher reliability

(d) an extra connection to internet provided to co-operating organization

674, World Wide Web:

(a) is another name for internet

(b) world wide connection for computers mated

(c) a collection of linked information residing on computers connected by the internet ()

(d) a collection of world wide information

675, Among services available on the World Wide Encryption (ii)HTTP (iii)HTML (iv)Firewalls Web are:

(a) i and ii

(b) ii and iii ()

(c) iii and iv

(d) i and iv

676, A world wide web contains web pages:

(a) residing in many computers

(b) created using HTML

(c) with links to other web pages

(d) residing in many computers linked together using HTML ()

677, A web page is located using a:

(a) Universal Record Linking

(b) Uniform Resource Locator ()

(c) Universal Record Locator

(d) Uniformly Reachable Links

678, A URL specifies the following:

(i) protocol used

(ii) domain name of server hosting web page

(iii) name of folder with required information

(iv) name of document formatted using HTML

(v) the name of ISP

(a) i, ii, iii, iv ()

(b) ii, iii, iy, v

(c) i, iii, iv

(d) i, ii, iii, v

679, A search engine is a program to search:

(a) for information

(b) web pages

(c) web pages for specified index terms

(d) web pages for information using specified search terms ()

680, HTML stands for:

(a) Hyper Text Making Links

(c) Higher Textual Marking of Links

(b) Hyper Text Markup Language ()

(d) Hyper Text Mixer of Links

681, HTML is similar to a:

(a) word processing language ()

(b) screen editor

(c) scripting language

(d) search engine

682, Desirable properties of a website are:

(i) a meaningful address

(ii) Help and search facilities

(iii) Links to related sites

(iv) Features to allow users to give feedback

(v) Hosting on a mainframe

(a) i, ii, iii

(b) i, ii, iii, iv ()

(c) i, ii, iii, iv, v

(d), ii, iii, v

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