Corporate Laws Notes Syllabus Bcom Study Material


Corporate Laws Notes Syllabus Bcom Study Material


Corporate Laws Notes Syllabus Bcom Study Material :- Writing balanced and sufficient answers of questions in exams and obtaining maximum marks is an art. It is often seen that despite the reading of the day, many students can not get good marks in the exam. Actually reading is not important for a long time, but it’s important to understand how to read and study topics – how to present content in the exam. Notwithstanding the rigors of language in the available textbooks and supporting books, the absence of material content in flowing form and in many books, opacity in most of the books and excessive of unnecessary subject matter, considers the subject of the student theory to be monotonous and to be read by heart Do not.Therefore, the main objective of our website is to eliminate the stereotype of neutrality. We have written all our articles in a very simple language of common colloquial and have tried to clearly understand the obscure and delusional points. here you can download all chapter in pdf. chapter links is below.


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  • The Factory Act, 1948
  • Industrial Dispute Act, 1947
  • The Workmen’s Compensation Act, 1923


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