B com 2nd Year Physical Education And Sports question paper 2019

B com 2nd Year Physical Education And Sports question paper 2019

B com 2nd Year Physical Education And Sports question paper 2019:- This post uploaded by sachin daksh. and in this post we share you bcom question paper second year. and all the question solution in this site you can find easily. if you can not able to find solution and all subject notes you can give a comment in comment box. and please share this post of your friends. and prepare your exam. and get highest marks. in your    exam. best of luck from sdak24 groups. You can download here all Question paper easily in single one click. and if you want to read online here you can read also. because all the question paper is the both type we have uploaded. and all the question paper in both languages.

B com. (Annual) Examination-2019

(Compulsory Course for U.G. Courses)

(For Regular Students Only)


(खेलकूद एवं शरिरिक शिक्षा )

Instruction to the Examinee:-

Note:- 1, Do not open the booklet unless you are asked to do so.

2, The booklet contains 100 questions. Examine is required to answer all 100 questions in the OMR Answer-Sheet provided and not in the question booklet. All questions carry equal marks.

3, Examine the Booklet and the OMR Answer-Sheet very carefully before you proceed. Faulty questions booklet due to missing or duplicate pages/ questions or having any other discrepancy should be got immediately replaced.

Question paper start 

1.Who said, “A man is a social animal”

(A) Von
(B) Aristotle
(C) Watson
(D) Mahatma Gandhi

(2) What is P.E.M.

(A) Protein Energy Market
(B)Protein Energy Malnutrition
(C) Protein Intro Malfunction
(D) Protein Energy Mail

(3) Tennis Elbow injury is related to which sports

(A) Racket sports
(B) Power lifting
(C) Defensive sports
(D) Chess

(4) Which is the meditational pose out of the following

(A) Sukhasana
(B) Vajrasana
(C) Padmasana
(D) All above


5. ‘Yogatsa Karmatsu Kaushalam’ lines are related to which epic

(A) Ramayan

(B) Geeta

(C) Pantanjali Yogsutra

(D) Veda

6. ‘Samatva Yog Uchyate’ is related to which epic

(A) Geeta
(B) Veda
(C) Ramayana
(D) Samveda

7. Which pranayam is related with “Bhanware ki gunjan”

(A) Shitali
(B) Shitkari
(C) Bhramari
(D) Tratak

8. What is Water therapy

(A) Cryotherapy
(B) Hydrotherapy
(C) Wax therapy
(D) Whirlpool therapy

9. The weight of a newborn baby’s heart is

(A) 40 gm.
(B) 80 gm.
(C) 100 gm.
(D) 25 gm.

10. How many bones are in Ribs

(A) 29
(B) 45
(C) 25
(D) 15

11. Which fluid remains in knee

(A) Synovial
(B) Water
(C) Fiber
(D) Vitamin

12. The rate of respiration per minute of a healthy person is

(A) 40-60
(B) 15-18
(C) 70-80
(D) 10-13 13. Which type of protein is found in muscles

(A) Pepsin

(B) Myosin

(C) Lypase

(D) Synovial

14. Who said, “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body.”

(A) Galileo
(B) Traver
(C) Aristotle
(D) T.P. Nunn

15. When W.H.O. established

(A) 1930
(B) 1940
(C) 1945
(D) 1960

16. Which factor is important in Gymnastics in Physical Fitness

(A) Speed
(B) Strength
(C) Move
(D) Flexibility  17. Which type of food should a healthy person eat

(A) Heavy
(B) Balanced
(C) Liquid
(D) Light

18. Fibula bone is found in human body

(A) In face
(B) In Hands
(C) In legs
(D) In Head

19. The total number of Chromosome in body is

(A) 96
(B) 46
(C) 108
(D) 26

20. The total life of Red blood cell is

(A) 90 Days
(B) 100 Days
(C) 80 Days
(D) 120 Days

21. What is the smallest unit of human body

(A) soul
(B) cell
(C) Tissue
(D) Bone

22. Which is the Power house of the cell

(A) Mitochondria
(B) Nucleus
(C) Tissue
(D) Chromosome

23. What is the measurement unit o energy

(A) Calorie
(B) Meter
(C) Centimeter
(D) Kilogram

24. What is the full form of W.H.O.

(A) World Human Organization
(B) World Health Organization
(C) World Homo Organization
(D) World History Organization

25. How many stages are in Surya Namaskar

(A) 5 (Five)
(B) 7 (Seven)
(C) 12 (Twelve)
(D) 10 (Ten)

26. What is kumbhak in yoga

(A) Inhale breath
(B) Pause between inhale and exhale
(C) Exhale breath
(D) Nothing

27. How many parts of yoga are there

(A) 4 (Four)
(B) 8 (Eight)
(C) 10 (Ten)
(D) 12 (Twelve)

28. What type of blood is carried in Arteries

(A) Pure
(B) Impure
(C) Both
(D) Nothing

29. The weight of heart is

(A) 500 gm.
(B) 600 gm.
(C) 250 gm.
(D) 700 gm.

30. Where is D.N.A. found

(A) Nucleus
(B) Muscles
(C) Joints
(D) Saliva

31. Who controls the volunta muscle’s actions in human

(A) Cerebellum
(B) Cerebrum
(C) Tissue
(D) Bone

32. Which enzyme is secreated Saliva

(A) Rennin
(B) Pepsin
(C) Ptyalin
(D) Nothing

33. The outer membrane of th human brain

(A) Pia mater
(B) Dura mater
(C) Meteri
(D) Nerve

34. What is Oxygen

(A) Gas
(B) Enzyme
(C) Blood
(D) cell

35. What is the highest Sports Awa in India

(A) Laxmibai Award
(B) Arjun Award
(C) Dronacharya Award
(D) Dyanchand Award

36. Who is ‘The Magician of Hockey’ in India

(A) Ranveer Singh
(B) Dhanraj Pillay
(C) Major Dhyanchand
(D) Vikas Kumar

37. Who is the ‘Indian Udan Sikh’

(A) Bolt
(B) Milkha Singh
(C) Hardeep Singh
(D) Ajmer Singh

38. Table Tennis is the national game of which country

(A) America
(B) China
(C) Japan
(D) England

39. Where is Y.M.C.A. College (Physical Education) situated

(A) U.P.
(B) Chennai
(C) Assam
(D) Bengal

40. Who wrote the book “Light on Pranayam”

(A) Ramdev
(B) Ayangar
(C) Patanjali
(D) Vivekanand

41. What is pranayam

(A) MahaBandh
(B) Asana
(C) The control of Breathing
(D) Purification process

42. Who are the responsible for doping test


43. When the International Yoga day celebrated

(A) 21 August
(B) 21 June
(C) 21 February
(D) 21 November

44. When the national sports day celebrated in India

(A) 29 June
(B) 28 August
(C) 26 June
(D) 29 August

45. The origin of Anatomy word is from

(A) Latin
(B) French
(C) Unani
(D) Japanese

46. The full form of ATP is

(A) Adenosine triphosphate
(B) Anatomy triphosphate
(C) Alfa triphosphate
(D) Nothing

47. The time of a cardiac cycle is

(A) 10 Minute
(B) 0.8 Second
(C) 72 Second
(D) 70 Second

48. How many chambers are in the heart

(A) 5

(B) 3

(C) 6

(D) 4

49. What is Anatomy

(A) Body function science
(B) Body structure science
(C) Body motion science
(D) Nothing

50. Mary Kom is related with which game

(A) Judo
(B) Wushu
(C) Karate
(D) Boxing

51. Which blood group is Universal Receptor

(A) O

(B) AB

(C) A

(D) B

52. Which Vitamin is obtained from the Sunlight

(A) A

(B) K

(C) D

(D) B

53. Where is Insulin secreted

(A) Liver
(B) Heart
(C) Pancreas
(D) Teeth

54, The full form of D.N.A. is

(A) Dermo Cloric Acid
(B) Deoxy Cloric Acid
(C) Deoxy Nucleic Acid
(D) Deoxy Ribo Nucleic Acid

55. Which machine is used for measuring the height of person

(A) Stadiometer
(B) Skinfold meter
(C) Vernier Scale
(D) Nothing

56. What to learn by a camp

(A) Work
(B) Discipline
(C) Habit
(D) Exercise

57. What is Massage

(A) Sports
(B) Habits
(C) Scientific art
(D) Work

58. What is improved by the meditation

(A) Physical fitness
(B) Flexibility
(C) Concentration
(D) Strength

59. The quantity of water in human body is

(A) 10%

(B) 70%

(C) 18%

(D) 50%

60. How many types of muscle functions are there in the body

(A) Two
(B) Three
(C) Four
(D) One

61. International Olympic Committee is known as

(A) S.A.I.
(B) I.A.O.
(c) I.o.c.
(D) I.O.M.

62. When was Food Adulteration Act made in India

(A) 1921
(B) 1954
(C) 1960
(D) 1910

63. What is effect of Lactic Acid in the body

(A) Strength
(B) Digestion
(C) Fatigue
(D) Nothing

64. Growth starts

(A) By Birth
(B) In Adolescence
(C) By Pregnancy
(D) In Adult age

65. Who is the writer of ‘Hereditary Genius’ Book

(A) Marks
(B) Galton
(C) Alice
(D) Nothing

66. Who is the founder of Ashtang Yoga

(A) Maharshi Valmiki
(B) Maharshi Pantanjali
(C) Swami Charak
(D) Nothing

67. ‘Antenna’ is used4in which gamec

(A) Basketball
(B) Volleyball
(C) Football
(D) Tennis

68. Dronacharya Award is given to

(A) Players
(B) Women
(C) Sports Coach
(D) Writer

69. What is Biceps

(A) Blood
(B) Bone
(C) Muscle
(D) Tissue

70. Which asana is known as snake pose

(A) Tadasana
(B) Bhujangasana
(C) Dhanurasana
(D) Balasana

71. When was the word ‘Society’ Originated

(A) 1822
(B) 1849
(C) 1860
(D) 1838

72. Who is the founder of ‘Kinder- garten’ method

(A) William
(B) F.L. John
(C) Gutsmith
(D) Froebel

73. Judo is national game of which country

(A) Singapore
(B) China
(C) Japan

(D) Malaysia

74. What is the national game of Bhutan

(A) Table-Tennis
(B) Archery
(C) Football
(D) Badminton

75. What is the weight of Kidney

(A) 180 gm.
(B) 150 gm.
(C) 200 gm.
(D) 120 gm.

76. The protein factory of a cell

(A) Golgy
(B) Lysosome
(C) Mitochondria
(D) Ribosome

77. Who discovered the vaccine of smallpox

(A) Madame Curie
(B) Newton
(C) Edward Jenner
(D) Nothing

78. Which part of the eyes is donated

(A) Lens
(B) Cornea
(C) Both
(D) Nothing

79. Why we celebrate ‘Yoga Day’ on 21 June

(A) The smallest day of the yer

(B) The longest day of the yea

(C) The hottest day of the year

(D) All above

80. Michael Phelps is related with which game

(A) Pole Vault
(B) Gymnastics
(C) Wrestling
(D) Swimming

81. Who is the universal blood doner

(A) C group
(B) A group
(C) B group
(D) O group

82. What is RBC

(A) Bone
(B) Blood cell
(C) Joint
(D) Vitamin

83. Which is the longest bone of the body

(A) Femur
(B) Patella
(C) Tibia
(D) Ulna

84. When was the word ‘First Aid’ used first time

(A) 1820
(B) 1879
(C) 1920
(D) 1870

85. Where is the Smallest bone present in the body

(A) Ear
(B) Hand
(C) Head
(D) Teeth

86. What we do before starting the exercise

(A) Massage
(B) Warming up
(C) Yoga
(D) Nothing

87. In which country the word ‘First Aid’ was used first time

(A) England
(B) Japan
(C) China
(D) America

88. In which asana, peacock pose is made

(A) Tadasana
(B) Mayurasana
(C) Dhanurasana
(D) Halasana

89. What is the full form of NFP

(A) National Flag Pattern
(B) National Fitness Pattern
(C) National Forest Part
(D) Nothing

90. The word ‘Yoga’ is originated from which language

(A) Unani
(B) Hindi
(C) Sanskrit
(D) Arya

91. What is the therapy given by pressure

(A) Puncture method
(B) Acupressure method
(C) Electro method
(D) Wax method

92. Which machine is used to measure the obesity

(A) Caliper
(B) Skinfold meter
(C) E.C.G.
(D) Ultrasound

93. What is RICE

(A) Dance style
(B) Treatment method
(C) Sports
(D) Nothing

94. Which physical fitness factor is important in cross country Race

(A) Speed
(B) Endurance
(C) Strength
(D) Flexibility

95. Who discovered the cell nucleus of the body

(A) Robert Brown Hooke
(B) Watson
(C) White brothers
(D) Newton

96. Hereditary traits are transmitted by

(A) Sperm
(B) Bacteria
(C) Genes
(D) Virus

97. How many bones are in spinal cord

(A) 20
(B) 22
(C) 36
(D) 33

98. Neck bone is known as

(A) Collar Bone

(B) Thyroid

(C) Hyoid bone

(D) Food pipe

99. The number of nerves in skull are

(A) 40 Pairs
(B) 15 Pairs
(C) 5 Pairs
(D) 12 Pairs

100. Who is the first teacher of a baby

(A) Friend
(B) Teacher
(C) Parents
(D) Society

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