Introduction to Data Structure

Introduction to Data Structure

What is the Data Structure?

  • The data structure is one of the best ways that organize the data in memory which help to perform some operation on the data efficiently/quickly. Like – Searching, Inserting, Retrieving, Traversing, Sorting, Merging, etc.
  • The Logical and Mathematical model of a particular organization of data is called a data structure.
  • The data structure is the process of organizing, managing, and arranging, data in memory which help to perform the operation quickly/efficiently.

Data Structure: the data structure is a process of arranging the data which are used efficiently in main memory.

Algorithm: The algorithm is the sequence of steps that are performed on the data and that solved given problems.

Operation of Data Structure

  • Insertion: the insertion means inserting a new element in the data structure.
  • Deletion: – the deletion means deleting the element from the data structure.
  • Searching: – searching means searching a particular element in the data structure.
  • Traversing: – traversing means showing/displaying all elements whose presence is in the data structure.
  • Sorting: – sorting means all elements set in the ascending or decerning order.
  • Merging: – mearing means combining two or more similar elements in the single one.

Need of Data Structure

  • Data Structures are an important way of organizing data in a computer.
  • It has a different way of storing and organizing data so that it can be used efficiently.
  • It helps us to understand the relationship between one data element with another.
  • it helps to store data in logical order.
  • it stores data that may grow and shrink dynamically over time and allows efficient access.

Advantages of Data Structure

there are some advantages of the data structure are –

  • Efficiency: – Efficiency of a program depends upon the choice of data structure.
  • Reusability: – Data structures are reusable, i.e. once we have implemented a particular data structure, we can use it at any other place.
  • Abstraction: – Data structure provides a level of abstraction. The client program uses the data structure through the interface only, without getting into the implementation details.

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