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Best Courses After Bachelor of Arts

DEFINITION:-  Bachelor of Arts ( B.A) is a three-year program that can be completed full-time,  part-time, or through distance learning.  Depending on the area of graduation,  The B.A. course helps develop various skills such as general research, deep analysis, and communication. Students interested in pursuing this course can look at the table below to get all the important details related to the BA Course:                                                      

 Humanities, Social Studies, and Liberal Arts are some of the subjects covered in a Bachelor of Arts degree. Bachelor of Arts subjects include History, English, Philosophy, Economics, Political Science, Geography, and Sociology. The Bachelor of Arts course duration is three years for regular mode.

  • A BA graduate will be able to pursue a variety of higher education courses in sectors such as management, law, journalism, and public communication, a BA, student can pursue advanced degrees such as Master of Arts (M.A) and   Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in the same or a related field. 
  • Course Name:- Bachelor of Arts (B.A)
  • B.A Course Degree Level:- Undergraduate
  • Eligibility:-Completed 10+2 with a 50% Score
  • B.A Fees:- 3 YEAR -20,000
  • B.A TOP Colleges:- Loyola College, Hindu College, etc.
  • B.A Average Salary : 3 lakh to 4 lakh

Job Profile                Salary (in INR) 

  • Content writer              INR-4.1lakh-5.3 lakh 
  • Editor                           INR-6.3 lakh-8.1lakh
  • Clinical social worker   INR-5 lakh-6.5 lakh
  • Journalist                   –   INR-3 lakh-5.5 lakh
  • Teacher                        INR- 4 lakh-5.9lakh 

BA Syllabus

B. A. 1st Sem Syllabus B. A. 2nd  Sem Syllabus
  • English
  • Political Science
  • Hindi
  • Psychological Thought
  • Psychological Research
  • Hindi
  • Political Science
  • English
B.A 3rd  Year Syllabus B.A 4th   Year Syllabus
  • Drawing
  • English
  • Philosophy
  • Hindi
  • Hindi
  • Home Science
  • Political Science
  • Sociology
B.A 5th   Year Syllabus B.A 6th   Year Syllabus
  • Hindi
  • Philosophy
  • English
  • Sociology
  • Home Science

Best College for B.A Course

B. A  Common  Subjects 
General knowledge  – Comprehensive  Ability
Indian Polity – Numerical and Mental Ability
Population & Climate Change –  History & Indian Culture
The Human Body & Common Disease           –     History & Indian Culture
  • Check the table below for popular BA colleges by Location:
  • B.A Colleges in Delhi 
  • B.A Colleges in UP 
  • B.A Colleges in West Bengal
  • B.A Colleges in Bangalore 
  • B.A Colleges in Maharashtra
  • B.A Colleges in Tamilnadu
  • B.A Colleges in Madhya Pradesh
  • B.A college in Andhra Pradesh
  • B.A Top University Names 
B.A Top Universities for Uk
  • University of Cambridge – 
  • University of Oxford –
  • King’s College London
B.A Top Universities for Canada
The University of   -British Columbia,     University of Toronto,     –    McGill University
B.A Top Universities for Australia  
  • The University of  Queensland 
  • University of Melbourne           
  • University of National
Best Courses After  Bachelor of Arts

  • 1. Master of Art (M.A)
  • 2. Master of Business Administration (M.B.A)
  • 3. Bachelor of Education Courses After BA
  • 4. Postgraduate Diploma Courses after B.A
  • 5. Law Courses After BA
  • 6. Careers After BA
  • 7. MBA After BA
  • 8. High-Paying Jobs after BA
  • 9. Designing & Fine Arts Courses After BA
  • 10. Government jobs After  BA

Political Science B.A syllabus 

Language -MIL/ English  Environmental  Science  Understanding Political  Theory
Constitutional Government and Democracy in India Generic Elective
Political Process in India  Introduction to Comparative Government & Politics
Perspectives on Public Administration Perspectives on International Relations
Environmental Science Language- MIL/ English Political Theory – Concepts and Debates

English B.A. Syllabus

English Literature  Twentieth-Century Indian Writing 
Concurrent -Qualifying Language Nineteenth-century

European Realism

Classical Literature/Forms of Popular Fiction

Concurrent- Discipline Centred Contemporary Literature


Common BA Subjects

General Knowledge Comprehensive Ability
Indian Polity Numerical and Mental Ability
The Human Body & Common Disease History & Indian Culture 
Population & Climate Change Environmental Studies


History  B.A Syllabus

History of India  Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of the Ancient Word  
Social Formations and Cultural Patterns of  the Medieval World Rise  of Modern West 
History of modern Europe History of Southeast Asia 19th Century


Philosophy  BA   Syllabus

Indian Philosophy  Logic
Green Philosophy Ethics 
Western Philosophy Descartes to  Kant Social & Political Philosophy,

Indian and Western 



Archaeology BA Bachelor of Arts Syllabus

Methodology and Perspectives of Social Science History of Art and Architecture in India 
Basics of Archaeology  Introduction to Sociology
Cultural Transition in Pre-Modern Kerala Methods of archaeology


Economics BA Bachelor of Arts Syllabus

Introductory Microeconomics  Mathematical Methods for Economics
Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course Generic Elective
Introductory Macroeconomics  Mathematical Methods for Economics 
Ability Enhancement Compulsory Course Intermediate Microeconomics
Statical Methods for Economics  Skill Enhancement Course


Rural Studies BA Syllabus 

Elements of Rural Rural Development Policies and Programmes 
Indian Rural Economic Scene  Indian Rural Social Scene

Download BA (Bachelor of Arts) Question Paper 

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